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For Students

Degree requirement

  • Language examination – two time slots per term for two terms are free of charge
  • Language examinations – two time slots per terms for four terms are free of charge
  • Language examinations – two time slots per term for five terms are free of charge.
  • (slots are 90 minutes long and comprise two contact hours)

Free language courses (two slots per term) are electives, count towards the grade point average and are worth four credits.

In order to raise the effectiveness of language learning and to reduce the time needed to reach the level required for language exams, we recommend taking additional language classes (one or two time slots per week), for which a fee is charged.

In addition to free language courses a range of fee paying courses (0 credit) are offered for those who want to study further languages. The course fees are determined by Corvinus’s ’Regulations on course fees’ and are currently set at HUF 20.000 per term for courses in English and German. Other languages have a regressive payment scheme:

  • one slot per week – HUF 20.000
  • two slots per week – HUF 36.000
  • three slots per week – HUF 48.000
  • four slots per week – HUF 56.000

Elective courses

  • Preparatory courses for the intermediate level Language for Business and Economics exam
  • Preparatory courses for the advanced level Language for Business ans Economics exam
  • Preparatory courses for the advanced level general language exams – course prerequisite: intermediate level language examination
  • Intorductory courses in the language of Business and Economics (from beginner/false beginner level)
  • Courses focusing on the development of a specific skill are fee paying courses (typically one slot per week)
  • Only one two-slot language course is free of charge per term.
  • Students can register for fee paying and non fee-paying language courses through the NEPTUN System!
  • There is a nationally accredited Language for Business and Economics Examination Centre at Corvinus University Budapest.
  • Corvinus Language School will launch a wide range of exam preparation and skills development courses in September 2009.

More information

Bujtás Emese emese.bujtas@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Kompetenciaközpontok / Idegennyelvi Oktató és Kutatóközpont
Tanulmányi koordinátor / Study Coordinator
C épület, 551
Phone: +36 1 482 7280 • Ext: 7280
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