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American Corner Budapest

The Budapest office of the American Spaces program (American Corner Budapest), established by the US State Department, is a high-tec educational, cultural and information center which meets the recent challenges of our times, located in the S-building of the Corvinus University Campus in Budapest.

American Corner aims to provide programs and services that connect the local community and individuals with American society, its values, and culture. Corner offers a free series of cultural programs for everyone, aimed at developing skills in all its elements that meet the challenges of the digital age, in the form of presentations, interactive lectures, workshops, camps. By creating educational programs, it seeks to create a platform that meets the needs of the digital age in all respects, where future leaders, innovators and business people of the future can acquire valuable knowledge on a wide range of interests using the most modern technologies available.

Although American Corner Budapest is a regional center, as it operates on the Campus of Corvinus University, we naturally strive to ensure that the students of Corvinus University receive special attention, among other things, by organizing separate programs that have not been announced to others. We work closely with Corvinus student organizations. In association with the Faculty Club, we implement a number of priority joint programs every year. 

American Corner

Our programs

Announced programs include Public Speaking, Debate, Essay Writing, Digital Literacy, CV Writing, Video Editing, 3D Printing workshops, weekly English Converation Club activities, language exam preparation, information on American scholarships and summer student work, or for high school classes created multimedia, interactive “Virtual USA Cool Tour” presentations of American history and culture, and the highly successful thematic summer development camps already in the summer of 2019.

In addition to educational programs, American Spaces in Budapest also complements the offer of free cultural events, such as “Heroin the Crowd” improvisational theater evenings and workshops based on improvisational theater, photo exhibitions, a film club, or Milestone in US, which presents milestones in American music history. Music History lecture series, and of course there will be analytical lectures on U.S. presidential election developments.

The lecturers and moderators of the programs are in all cases American experts, American students studying in Hungary as scholarship students, or Hungarian experts previously studying in the United States. 


Ferenc Maurer (director)

Bundy Viktória (program coordinator)

American Spaces Budapest Office – Corvinus University of Budapest

In the framework of the American Spaces Program of the US Department of State and the Corvinus University of Budapest, the American Corner Regional Information and Program Center in Central Hungary opened in 2009 at Corvinus University in Budapest, initially organizing US-related cultural, educational and educational programs., book, magazine, video, DVD-based documentation database operation. This model, which operates primarily as a library and information office, has since become obsolete and, in terms of the physical appearance of the place, aims to create technologically advanced, modern centers featuring elements of a globally unified, well-identifiable brand worldwide.


Work on the complete renovation and modernization of the information and program center previously operating on the Campus of the Corvinus University of Budapest began in November 2018 under the direction of Ferenc Maurer, appointed director of the Budapest center of American Spaces. During the renovation work, the room was practically demolished to the basic structure of the building, the center received new floors and cladding, complemented by wall and window sticker decorations in line with American Spaces design elements, and modern, energy-saving LED luminaires and air conditioning were installed.

In addition to the installation of modern furniture enabling multifunctional use and easy, quick conversion to suit the given program, high-tech technical devices such as the most modern 4K UHD LED image technology touch screen interactive tablet, FFD technology Maker Bot 3D printer, Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptops and iPads, Chromebook laptops, programmable educational robots, etc.

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