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We are the #ErasmusGeneration

If you want to study Business, Economics or Social Sciences you have found the best place in Budapest! The Corvinus University provides leading courses in countless areas. It shows how open-minded and culture-hungry are the past and present students that our Section was founded 16 years ago! Now we are proud to say, there are 40-50 active volunteers working on the campus helping you day to day. Hopefully you already have a „Buddy” but in our office there’s always someone in the opening hours, ready to help you with anything! Our address is: 

ESN Office: 1093 Budapest, Fővám Square 8. Building E, room 7 Opening hours: 11:30 -15:30 Monday – Thursday

The office can be reached easily by tram and metro: the station name is „Fővám Square” or in Hungarian „Fővám tér” on metro line M4, and tram line 2,47,49.


1093 Budapest, 8 Fővám tér., Building E, Ground Floor, Office 7
Opening hours: Mon.-Thurs.: 13:15-15:30
Email cím: 

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