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Budapest Blend

Diversity, Community, Integration, Opportunity

Budapest Blend is the student organization for foreign students who are studying here at Corvinus. Founded over 3 years ago with the goal of integrating international students into university life, we have since worked every day to achieve this.
While the initial obstacles were great, including the obvious language barrier, we have since grown into the premier, Corvinus based, student organization for international students. We operate in English, although you’ll find several different spoken languages here as we have over 60 members from over 40 countries from several of the programs here at university.


Email: budapestblend.info@gmail.com


We offer a variety of programs and opportunities for students who come here to study. If you are a freshman to Corvinus, then we offer a mentorship program for you where we assign a mentor to you to help out with adjusting to university life. This can range from helping you with any questions you may have with your academics, to helping you find a flat here in the city. Several of our mentors are foreign students themselves, so you can learn firsthand from their experiences! If you would like to join us, then you can become a mentor yourself!

We also have a dedicated events team that takes care of organizing all of our activities which include various events such as picnics where you can meet several of the foreign students not just in Corvinus, but from other universities as well as these attract several outsiders as well! Besides this, they are in charge of organizing our academic and cultural events as well, such as: a series of lectures and debates over contemporary issues and our main event: The International Food and Cultural Exchange where participants get to come share the ethnic cuisine of their own countries!

Next is our Newsletter. This group writes about the current things to do here in the city and university, as well as some other interesting buts and pieces that can make your stay here more interesting. This is biweekly, meaning that you get two issues a month. If you’re interested in writing or graphic design, then this is the place for you!

Lastly, there is our promotions team who manages all of our social media. They are our online presence meaning they post all of our content, and if you contact us, someone from this group will be your first responder!  

Information for new members

Application is open for all university students regardless of nationality, we are here for Corvinus students from all corners of the globe.
Why you should join? Well, if you would like to be a part of an international community here at university, then we are the place for you to be!

If you would like to apply, then be sure to follow us on our social media because this is the best way for you to stay notified about us!
We have one large application event around the beginning of every semester, but you can also reach out to us on any of our social media platforms at any time individually.

The process is a simple: a short interview with our HR team about your goals and interests where we ask, which group or groups you would like to join and if you would also have any new ideas as we are always looking to expand! 

Organizational structure
Our structure is as follows: We have a 2 person presidency at the top management and the 4 group leaders below them serving as middle management with our translator and legal drafters. We hold elections every spring semester where everyone can nominate themselves for a position.

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