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Budapest Business Club

Be Professional. Be Creative. Be Inspired. Be part of BBC   

BBC is currently the largest student organisation of Corvinus Universityof Budapest, with an active member count exceeding 140. We help our membersacquire the basics of event management, marketing, sales, HR, and generalmanagement through a consciously built, 4-semester long training, the so-calledTalent Program.
Our aim is to provide our members with opportunity to acquire important skillswhich will give them an advantage in the professional life and can lead tobuilding a successful career. At the same time we organise high-quality,professional events, creating value for all university students.   


8 Fővám tér, Building E, Ground floor, Office 9
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM – 10 PM, according to prior discussion   


BBC is the organisation where you can start building your future andyour professional career. Besides being able to acquire practical experience inmany areas – marketing, event management, sales processes, and human resources– which give you an advantage in the professional life, you can also createincredible memories and make lifelong friendships.

All of these are supported by the structure of our organisation, which is basedon that of real companies. Furthermore, through our cooperation withmarket-leading firms – such as Unilever, Vodafone, L’Oreal, or British AmericanTobacco – our members are given the opportunity of constant development andlearning in many areas.

During our 4-semester internal training programme, you are given theopportunity to acquire practical experience and relevant knowledge in theaforementioned areas of management. Our Talent Program consists of foursemesters, strongly built on each other.

Besides being a professional organisation, BBC is also a huge family where youcan make lifelong friendships while attending social events, and you can alsocreate an extended network of connections. Don’t hesitate, be part of BBC!   

Information for new members

We seek those motivated people who want to be the best. Those who aimfor perfection not only in their studies or at work, but in all aspects oflife.
In case you’ve become interested, it is important to note that we welcome newmembers at the beginning of both the autumn and spring semesters. If you feelyou could get accustomed to the BBC tempo and wish to be part of a great team,don’t hesitate, join BBC!

What do you have to do to strengthen our team?

As a first step, fill out the form on our website, attach your CV, and send itto us!
You can make it to the second round according to the form and your CV, aboutwhich all applicants are informed via email.
In case you successfully make it to the second round, you get a task in theemail that is to be done individually, and then presented in our AssessmentCenter. Besides these, the AC contains a short individual interview and a groupexercise. We are interested in your group work and cooperation skills.
Applicants chosen here get an invitation to our “Initiation Camp”. Attendancein the camp is a condition of joining, as this is the place where you canbecome a fully-fledged member of BBC.   

Organizational structure  

As of autumn 2020, wehave been working in a matrix structure, which is based on the structure oflarge companies and is also unique in the market of student organisations. Wedifferentiate three levels of leaders: project coordinators (middle manageriallevel), linear leaders (senior managerial level), and the presidential level.The organisation is led by two co-presidents, who are currently supported by 11senior managers responsible for different areas. 

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