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About us



CorvinusKözgáz Folk Ensemble operating as the student organization ofCorvinus University of Budapest, was founded in 1948 and still todate operates on the university. Itsmembers’ today include university students, intellectuals.The group regularly participates at international and nationalprofessional festivals, various university and corporate events,various cultural events in Budapest and in the country, and those ofthe Hungarian Heritage House and the Palace of Arts. In recent yearsit represented the country and its traditional music and dances inBarcelona, Verona, Stockholm, Sardinia and Turkey. Inaddition, it was invited many times to the Spring Festival ofBudapest and the different programs of the Sziget Festival (Island ofFreedom).

Rehearsals,camps and expeditions assist the members in learning thecharacteristic rural dances of a region. Inits program the ensemble seeks for ways of look and forms ofexpression by which folklore provides enjoyable and excitingentertainment even to today’s men.

Impulse, professionalism, CORVINUS!

Professional awards gained in the last few years

2016 „Highly Qualified Ensemble, “Lábam termett a táncra, szemem a kacsintásra – dances from Székely-mezőség”

2017 Ensemble Award II for Excellence, Szolnok National Folk Dance Festival

18. Büyükçekmece International Culture and Art Festival „Golden Bridge Folk Dances Contest” Award II.

2018 Artistic Director of the Year

2019 Collective Special Award, Szolnok National Folk Dance Festival

2019 “Best Authentic Choreography” and “Best Female Dance Group” in VII. Agora Choreographer Competition

Who are we looking for?

Ifyou have danced somewhere and missed rehearsals, parties, trainingcamps, foreign tours, you are welcome to join us. You are welcome tojoin the band of resupply, if you haven’t danced yet, but want tomake new friends, love folk music and folk dance.

What are we doing?

Primalywe build community. We consider it our mission to introduce theeternal and clear messages of the Hungarian folk culture to futuregenerations.

How to sign up?

Signup for the contact information below or add Folk Dance to NEPTUN as aPhysical Education Course !!





tel:+36 20 518 1040

ArtisticDirector and the Leader of the Dance Group: Irén Deffend

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