Széchenyi 2020
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Specialization selection


From May18 to June 19 2020 you can apply in NEPTUN System for the specializations.

  • 7MNKOMM17ABP  – Communication and Media Science  
  • 4MNKOZE17ABP – közgazdasági elemző  

Log in to NEPTUN, then click on Administration → Select specialization → at the Termsselect the current semester → List

At the „Current specialization selectionperiods” click on select, and then you can see all the specializations.Here you can easily select the specialization which you prefer by clicking on register. You can also decide which one would you like to choose for the first andthe second place (order of preference).


During the abovementioned period (May 18 to June 19 2020)you can change the order of preference!

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