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Exam Period

Based on §3 of the 58/2020 (XI.13.) Provisions of the Presidential Committee, examinations must be conducted solely online in the 2020/2021 spring semester.

The EXAM PERIOD in the spring semester of the 2020/2021 academic year will be held from 17th May, 2021 (Monday) to 26th June, 2021 (Saturday).

Exam registration in the Neptun system is possible from 12:00 h (noon), 7th May, 2021 (Friday) to 23:59 h, 17th June, 2021 (Thursday).

Students who completed all lecturer and course evaluation forms (HALVEL) in their last active semester are eligible to register for their examinations already during the early exam registration period – 3rd May, 2021, (starting from 7:45 a.m. for Bachelor students and from 13:15 hrs for Master students and those in postgraduate specialist training programs) to 7th May, 2021, until 11:59 hrs.

Registration for 1st year students of the Economic Analysis master programme for Q4 semester exams: from 13:15 h, 25th May, 2021 (Tuesday) to 23:59 h, 17th June, 2021 (Thursday).

Exams will only be conducted online through the Moodle and Microsoft Teams platforms of the university.

Spring Semester Exam Period 2020/2021

Exam registration

  • Irrespectively of the online platform examination platform to be used, students can only register for exams through the Neptun system. Students who do not register for an exam in Neptun, cannot and will not be able to take part in the exam.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that if you have any financial debt towards the university (i.e. tuition fee/foreign language training fee or any other administrative or service fee), the Neptun system automatically disables your registration for an exam until your debt is paid. Any administrative and service fees can be paid immediately via Neptun and the SimplePay (using a debit/credit card). Any still outstanding tuition fees and foreign language training fees must be paid via bank transfer to the Neptun joint account and then paid in from there after it has arrived to the student’s bank account (up to 3-4 days from the date of transfer). (Information regarding the Neptun joint account is available in the entry site of Neptun.)

Modifying the exam date

  • You can modify an exam registration up to 24 hours before the start of the exam at the latest. An exception from this rule is if an exam is scheduled for a Monday, – in this case you can modify the exam registation at the latest only up to 72 hours (i.e. the preceding Friday) before the actual time of the exam.
  • In case of any problems related to exam registration, please contact the department administrators during their office hours (after you have checked that you have no financial debts).

Taking part in online exam

An exam conducted online can be an oral or a written exam.

Online written exam

  • Students must identify themselves with their Cusman code. No other person may be present in the room where the student is staying during the time of the online examination. During the online examination it is possible to work exclusively on the exam via the software provided by the university. In case of the online exam the examination ends with the submission of the exam via the exam software.

Online oral exam

  • In case of the online oral exam the student must present his/ her valid photo identity card suitable for identification to the camera in such a way that it is suitable for identification. At any time during the online oral examination, the examiner may request the candidate to scan the room used for taking the examination with the camera of his/ her device and to zoom on the objects within his/her sight. The student taking the exam must comply with such request without delay.

Proof of absence from the examination

  • If a student does not appear for the exam through no fault of his/her own, then he/she can submit a doctor’s certificate of absence.
  • The medical certificate and the „Vizsgáról történő távolmaradás” request form (in English:„Missing an exam due to vis major reasons”) must be submitted via Neptun under Administration / Requests.
  • The request can be submitted no later than within 5 days after the date of the exam.
  • If the request is denied, there is no place for legal remedy.
  • If the student does not participate in the exam and fails to provide an acceptable verification for his/her absence, he/she must pay an administrative fee. The amount of the fee according to Appendix 4 of the Fees and Payments Regulations (5% of the guaranteed wage minimum in Hungary rounded up to one hundred forints/day) is 8,400 HUF.
  • Unjustified absences reduce the number of examinations available for the student in the given subject!

Recording of examination results

  • The result of the written examination must be recorded by the examiner in Neptun no later than within 3 working days after the examination.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to double check that grades recorded in the Neptun system during the exam period are correct (i.e. in keeping with any information received from the professor on another platform). If you notice any discrepancy please hand in an „Appeal against the exam regulations” request form via Neptun immediately. The request form is available under Administration / Requests.
  • The Student Office does not record grades, nor is it responsible for any unrecorded grades. If any grades are missing or have been entered incorrectly, please contact the professor and the administrative personnel in the Department responsible for the given subject. The correction of the grades is possible only as set out in the Study and Exam Regulations. (See in: Closing of exam period)

Correction of a failed exam

  • Students can retake an exam of a course up to two times in a given exam period (retake and second retake) depending on the number of exam dates remaining after the date when the student first took the exam in the given subject.
  • In keeping with Act CCIV of 2011 on Higher Education, students starting their studies from September 2012 and onwards have maximum 6 examination opportunities total in each given subject.
  • Corvinus regulations currently allow students to register for a given course maximum 3 times (including the first registration). Once a student has used up all 6 exam possibilities in a given course and his/her last exam grade is not a pass mark, the university has no option but to terminate the student’s student status. Overall a student can register for any given subject up to maximum 3 times. This number cannot be waived on the grounds of equity.
  • Please note also that first final exam and the first make-up exam are free of charge, but from the 3rd exam on the exam fee is 8400 HUF/exam which you have to transcribe for yourself in Neptun under „Finances”/ „Transcribe item” and pay through the Neptun joint account before the exam. If you have to retake a course, Neptun will add your new exams to your previous exams, even if the exams are taken in different semesters.

Improvement of successful exams

The student can improve their successful exam in the framework of a make-up examination. No request is required for the improvement of a successful exam, it can be indicated by the student by applying for the next examination date in the subject. The retake examination is

  • free of charge, if it is the second examination taken in the subject (considering all the subject registrations)
  • possible with the payment of the fee specified in the Regulations on Student Fees and Benefitsű
  • if the make-up examination is the student’s third or an additional examination (considering all subject registrations).

If the student registers for the exam and attends it, then the grade obtained for the given subject will be their final grade, i.e. the result of the make-up examination will be the final grade for the subject as it overwrites the first grade obtained, even if it is less favourable for the student.

If the student registers for the exam but does not attend it, the entry of ‘not present/absent’ for the given subject will be entered into Neptun, and the very last grade obtained for the subject will be considered to be valid.

The improvement of a successful examination reduces the number of remaining examination opportunities.

Offered grades

  • Deadline for recording offered grades in Neptun: 25th May, 2021.
  • Students should declare whether they accept the offered grade. (Neptun, Subjects, Offered grades)
  • If the student fails to declare whether he/she accepts the offered grade, or if he/she does not accept it, the given subject is not completed with the offered grade and it can be completed only by way of a practical grade or an examination.
  • Deadline for acceptance of the offered grades: 28th May, 2021.
  • After the above date, the grade concerned cannot be accepted and its acceptance cannot be withdrawn thereafter.
  • If the student has already registered for an examination date in the given subject before checking the offered grade, accepting the offered grade till the above deadline will only be possible if the student first deregisters from the exam.
  • An offered practical or examination grade that the student has accepted cannot be revised (improved) during the academic year in which it was offered; however, the student concerned may re-take the same subject and thus improve the offered grade.
  • Students will be notified about having received an offered grade through Neptun.

End of exam period

  • Students can submit an appeal against course grades within 14 days after the end of the exam period – latest 4th July (Sunday 23.59) 2021 – through a dedicated Neptun request called Appeal against the exam regulations (Administration/Requests) addressed to the responsible Head of the Institute/Department.
  • The head of the institute must evaluate and take a decision about the disputed evaluation within eight (8) workdays, but no later than 18th July, 2021, based on the exam sheet, the course completion form, certified by the examiner (if applicable), and in case of a written exam based on the grade received. In case the request to review a grade is justifiable, the head of the institute must make the necessary change in the Neptun system and at the same time the student must be notified through the Neptun system.
  • The DEADLINE to request the review of a grade is 4th July, 2021, 23:59, in case the student does not submit the relevant request form until this deadline in the Neptun system, he/she will have no further opportunity to appeal against a grade, an evaluation, or the lack of a grade.

Other important information and deadlines

  • Selecting a specialisation is scheduled between 31st June and 13th July based on the related special guidance. Students can submit a request to change the specialisation in the Neptun system, using the relevant request form. Conditions of changing the specialisation: in §51 and §32 of the Study and Exam Regulations, please read it carefully.
  • Conditions of changing the major is available in §26-27 of the Study and Exam Regulations.
  • Students graduating in the second half of the 2020/2021 academic year will be informed about the procedure for receiving the diploma on the University’s website.
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