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Exam Period

Exam registration

  • Irrespectively of the online platform they use, students can only register for exams through the Neptun system. Students who do not register for an exam in Neptun, cannot take part in the exam.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that in case you have any financial debt towards the university, related to the tuition fee/foreign language training fee or any other administrative or service fee, the Neptun system automatically disables your registration for an exam until your debt is paid. (Information regarding the Neptun joint account is available in the entry site of Neptun.)

Modifying the exam date

  • You can modify an exam registration up to 24 hours before the start of the exam at the latest. An exception from this rule is an exam starting on a Monday, – in this case you can modify the exam registation 72 hours before the actual time of the exam, at the latest.
  • In case of any problems regarding exam registration, please contact the department administrators in their office hours!

Proof of absence from the examination

If a student does not appear for the exam through no fault of his/her own, then he/she can submit a certificate.

The certificate and a request form are provided by the University and must be submitted via Neptun (Absence from examination 2021/22/2)

The request must be submitted in 5 days after the day of the exam.

In case of a deny of the request there is no place for legal remedy.

In case the student does not appear and does not verify his/her absence, he/she must pay administration fee. The amount of the fee according to Appendix 4 of the Fees and Payments Regulations (5 % of the guaranteed wage minimum in Hungary rounded up to one hundred forints/day) is 10,000 HUF.

Unjustified absence reduces the number of exam options.

Recording of examination results

The result of the written examination must be recorded by the examiner in Neptun no later than within 3 working days after the examination.

Pay attention on the correctness of the grades recorded in the Neptun system during the exam period and if you notice any discrepancy please report it to the competent Faculty/Professor (see in: statement of objection)

The Student Office has no right to record grades! In case of missing or incorrectly recorded grades, replacement, correction is based on the communication between the professor and the student. Correction of the grades can happen as it is defined in the Study and Exam Regulations. (See in: Closing of exam period)

Correction of a failed exam

Students can retake an exam of a course twice in a given exam period (retake and second retake)
The student may take an examination in a given subject a total of 3 times in the given semester and may take a total of 6 examinations together with the repeated subject registrations, however, the number of subject registrations in a given subject may not exceed three. This cannot be waived on the grounds of equity.
First retake is free of charge. Second and third or more exams are subject to a fee. Fee must be paid regardless of exam result according to the Study and Exam Regulations of Corvinus.

Improvement of successful exams

The student has the opportunity to improve their successful exam in the framework of a make-up examination. No request is required for the improvement of a successful exam, it can be indicated by the student by applying for the examination.

  • free of charge, if the make-up examination of the student is their second examination taken in the subject (considering all the subject registrations),
  • is possible with the payment of the fee specified in the RSFB, if the make-up examination is the student’s third or an additional examination (considering all subject registrations).

If the student registers for the exam and attends it, then the grade obtained for the given subject will be their final grade, i.e. the result of the make-up examination will be considered as the completion of the subject, even if it is less favourable for the student.

If the student registers for the exam but does not attend it, the entry of ‘not present/absent’ for the given subject will be entered into Neptun, and the last grade obtained for the subject will be considered valid.

The improvement of a successful examination reduces the number of remaining examination opportunities.

Offered grades

Students can disapprove exam results within 14 days after the end of the exam period – latest July 2 (Saturday 23.59) 2022 – through a dedicated Neptun request: „Appeal against the exam regulations” (Administration / Requests) addressed to the responsible Head of the Institute/Department.
The head of the institute must evaluate and make a decision about the disputed evaluation within eight (8) workdays, but no later than July 17, 2022, based on the exam sheet, the course completion form, certified by the examiner (if applicable), and in case of a written exam based on the grade received. In case the request to review a grade is justifiable, the head of the institute must make the necessary change in the Neptun system and at the same time the student must be notified through the Neptun system.

The DEADLINE to request the review of a grade is July 2, 2022, 23:59. In case the student does not submit the relevant request form until this deadline in the Neptun system, he/she will have no further opportunity to appeal against a grade, an evaluation, or the lack of a grade.

The result of the written examination must be recorded in Neptun no later than on the third (3.) working day after the examination. In the case of an essay-type examination, the result of the examination must be recorded within five (5) working days. The student may access the examination paper within two (2) working days after the announcement of the results at the time and place previously indicated by the institute hosting the subject and may submit an observation thereto. Personal access is only possible in a University building or in a building used by the University. Only the examinee is entitled to access the paper, acces through a representative is not possible.

Offering a grade

The lecturer may offer a student a grade for coursework or an examination grade on the basis of his/ her performance during the study period. The student may accept the offered grade for coursework or examination grade in the Neptun system not later than on the last day of the second week of the examination period. The grade concerned may not be accepted and its acceptance may not be withdrawn thereafter.

The offered mark for coursework or examination grade may not be improved during the academic year in which it was offered; however, the student concerned may re-take the same subject and thus improve the offered grade. If the student fails to declare whether he/she accepts the offered grade, the given subject is not completed with the offered grade and may only be completed by way of a mark for coursework or an examination.

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