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Examination Process

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Registering for exams

Students can only register for exams through the Neptun system. Students who do not register for an exam in Neptun, cannot and will not be able to take part in the exam.

You can register for an exam or modify your exam registration up to exactly 24 hours before the start of the exam at the latest. An exception from this rule is if an exam is scheduled for a Monday, – in this case you can modify the exam registation at the latest only up to 72 hours (i.e. the preceding Friday) before the actual time of the exam.

Please note that if you have any financial debt towards the university (i.e. any administrative or service fee), the Neptun system automatically disables your registration for an exam until your debt is paid. Any administrative and service fees can be paid immediately via Neptun and the SimplePay (using a debit/credit card. Please find detailed information about how to make a payment on the home page of your Neptun account under ’Downloadable documents’, titled ”Payment Of Financial Obligations (Tuition Fee, Administrative Fees)”.).

When registering for exams, please make sure that you will not have a clash in your exam times. During the examination period, Corvinus uses 2 hour timeslots, and you will have time to get from one exam to the next, if you should have 2 exams one right after the other. Normally, students cannot be obliged to have more than 2 exams on any given day. In such cases, we recommend you choose an alternative exam date and time for a 3rd or 4th exam.

In case of any problems related to exam registration, please contact the administrator of the Department responsible for the given subject during their office hours (after you have checked that you have no financial debts).

The result of the written examination must be recorded by the examiner in Neptun no later than within 3 working days after the examination. It is the students’ responsibility to double check that grades recorded in the Neptun system during the exam period are correct (i.e. in keeping with any information received from the professor on another platform). If you notice any discrepancy please hand in a request form via Neptun immediately Faculty/Professor (see in: Statement of objection).

The Student Office does not record grades, nor is it responsible for any unrecorded grades. If any of your grades are missing or have been entered incorrectly, please contact the professor and the administrative personnel in the Department responsible for the given subject. The correction of the grades is possible only as set out in the Study and Exam Regulations. (See in: Closing of exam period)

Students can retake an exam of a course up to two times in a given exam period (retake and second retake) depending on the number of exam dates remaining from the date when the student first took the exam in the given subject.

The first retake examination is free of charge. From the second retake onwards, exams are subject to a fee every time. Based on the Study and Exam Regulations of Corvinus, the fee must be paid prior to the exam registration (See in: ”Payment Of Financial Obligations (Tuition Fee, Administrative Fees)”.

Offered grades

  • Some professors may decide to give you an offered practical or examination grade. Students are notified about having received an offered grade in the form of a message to their Corvinus student e-mail address via Neptun.
  • Students should declare whether they accept the offered grade. (Neptun, Subjects, Offered grades) The student may accept the offered grade for coursework or examination grade in the Neptun system not later than on the last day of the second week of the examination period. The grade concerned may not be accepted and its acceptance may not be withdrawn thereafter.
  • If the student has accepted an offered grade, the grade cannot be improved by taking the end of the semester examination.
  • If the student fails to declare whether he/she accepts the offered grade, or if he/she does not accept it, the given subject is not completed with the offered grade and it can be completed only by way of a practical grade or an examination.
  • If the student has already registered for an examination date in the given subject before checking the offered grade, accepting the offered grade till the above deadline will only be possible if the student first deregisters from the exam.


At Corvinus University the grading system is on a 5 point scale where 1 is a fail and 5 is excellent.
5 A Excellent
4 B Good
3 C Satisfactory
2 D Sufficient
1 F Fail

Transcript of Records
The results each exchange student achieves at Corvinus University are summarized in a transcript after the study period.

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