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Programmes, Courses, Departments

Innovative and creative thinking can only be taught by using innovative and creative pedagogical tools. (János Vecsenyi)

The Institute for the Development of Enterprises participates in almost all levels and forms of education at the Corvinus University of Budapest. The Institute’s staff members act as Programme Leaders, Course Leaders and lecturers in several courses of the training structure of the University. 

Business Development Department – Current Full-time Training Program

  • The European Union’s political system and main policies (2VE92NAV04M)
  • Bankruptcy Forecasting and Corporate Crisis Management (2BE52NDK03M)
  • Individual project management (revisited)
  • Real Estate Development (2BE52NCK02M)
  • Innovation methodology
  • Small business development policy
  • Venture capital financing (2BE52NAK32M)
  • Research Methodology Seminar (2SP72NAK03M)
  • Research Methodology Seminar (2SP72NAK03SM)
  • Tender Management
  • Financial Analysis and Bankruptcy Forecasting (2BE52NAK19M)
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project management software
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Financial Analysis (2BE52NAV03M)
  • Thesis Seminar
  • Organizational project management
  • Technology Consulting (2BE52NAV20M)
  • Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy (2BE52NBK01M)
  • Enterprise Decision Support Systems (2BE52NBK02M)
  • Enterprise and global market
  • Enterprise development policy
  • Business innovation
  • Businesses in the modern economy

Postgraduate Project Manager Training Program

  • Management of individual projects I.
  • Management of individual projects II.
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Strategic techno management
  • Organizational project management
  • Enterprise Innovation

Research and Innovation Management / Specialized Economic Training Program

  • Political systems and major policies of the European Union
  • Responsible research and innovation (optional subject)
  • Innovation management
  • Innovation methodology
  • Public procurement law
  • Community financial management
  • Directly managed resources
  • Tender Management (Horizon Europe)
  • Project proposal management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Strategic technology management
  • Thesis
  • Intellectual property rights management
  • Business communication (optional subject)

Specialized Real Estate Manager In-Service Training Program

  • Architectural and construction management
  • Land management
  • Measurement and analysis of real estate market segments
  • Knowledge of real estate law
  • Real estate investment calculation
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate development knowledge
  • Real estate financial knowledge
  • Real estate investment accounting
  • Real estate sales management
  • Real Estate asset management
  • Communication and presentation techniques
  • Housing policy
  • Urban Development


The Department of Agribusiness of the Corvinus University of Budapest is a community with a long history and traditions. The Department is the only centre in Hungary to engage in conducting real macroeconomic analyses in the field of agricultural economics. We are proud that the Department’s history of nearly half a century has been linked to school-creating and legendary professors such as Imre Nagy, Ferenc Vági, Csaba Csáki or Imre Fertő. Many of our young colleagues have already received prestigious awards as lecturers or researchers, and the name of the Department is a guarantee for high-quality education and research in the field of agricultural economics and rural development. The Department currently manages the undergraduate course in Rural Development Agricultural Engineering at the University.

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