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Training Programs

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (PUMA)

PUMA graduates will be able apply their practical and theoretical knowledge in economics, social sciences, management and law to analyze and solve public policy and state administration issues. 

The program focuses on the comparative analysis of public administration, public policy and public management in EU and non-EU countries in the context of internationalisation, Europeanisation and European integration. 

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of structures, policies and processes of the public sector, as well as, tools to analyse and understand different structures and processes of public sector management, guidance and control.

From the 2016/2017 academic year some of the most renowned scholars of Public Policy and Management studies will be among our regular lecturers.


Graduates of this program are qualified to

  • understand major theories that support government policies in decisions for changes
  • apply multidisciplinary approaches towards public issues
  • understand governance and public management and their applications
  • have an advanced knowledge of the formulation and analysis of public policy and its delivery through programs and projects
  • have extensive knowledge of the institutions, processes and problems of modern government and policy making
  • reflect on how and why similar policy issues are framed differently in different countries as problems and solutions
  • understand key organisational changes in public sector as well as to evaluate outcomes of policies
  • analyse and work out various local, regional, national, and international policy issues
  • be equipped with the skills that are essential for translating policies into tangible programs
  • use the right methodological approaches
  • submit results with acceptable academic content and format
  • apply these knowledge at solving or evaluating concrete problems

Future Employment

Graduates of this program will be well prepared for high positions in government, public service, international organisations and NGOs. Based on the experiences of alumni, PUMA students often become leaders and managers in a relatively short time. 

Both public and private sector companies regularly recruit our candidates possessing profound knowledge in public policy and management. The demand on the labour market for such economists is high from institutions and companies who encounter public issues in their operations and need suitable employees like our students.

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European Masters in Public Administration (EMPA)

The EMPA programme is offered to students already enrolled in public administration / public policy programmes at partner universities of the EMPA network. 
Exchange students are allowed to take courses offered within the EMPA program. Graduating students get a Certificate jointly signed by these EMPA partners.  

What is the aim of EMPA and who is the program designed for?

The public sector young practitioners who can cross cultural boundaries and manage effectively in multicultural situations in Europe. Accordingly, many public agencies have sought to employ graduates who demonstrate the managerial, cultural and linguistic skills necessary for national and international careers. The EMPA was created as a joint response to this demand.

The primary objective of the current program is to stimulate the development of European Master’s in Public Administration by internationalizing the existing programs of the participating institutions. For this purpose, the institutions have developed a common framework for scheduling and organizing a one-year study program on the basis of mutually agreed course requirements, curriculum elements, cross-national and common examination standards and well structured and closely supervised student exchanges.

For outgoing EMPA Students

Please visit the EMPA website to know our Partners and apply within the Erasmus programme to the given University. 

For more information on EMPA programme please write to !

For incoming EMPA Students

The EMPA programme is offered to students enrolled in public administration / public policy programmes at partner universities of the EMPA network. During their semester in Budapest, they can choose from a variety courses from the program of PUMA, but also from the free elective English-language courses of Corvinus.

Courses of PUMA:

Managing Organizations in the Public Sector
Academic Writing, Qualitative Methods and Research Design
Quantitative Research Methods
Economics of the Public Sector
Institutions and Processes of Public Policy
Public Policy Analysis
Multi-level Governance
Institutional Economics of the Public Sector
Public Financial Management
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Program and Performance Evaluation
Practicing Public Policy
NGOs Management and Civil Society
Digital Era Governance
Health Policy and Finance
Health Economics
Public Policies for Human Development

Language of the Courses is English. For more information please visit the EMPA website or write to!

Double Degree Programme Babes-Boyai

Double Degree Programme with the Babes-Boyai University in Cluj

The double degree programmes enables students to obtain the full degree of the partner university in addition to the degree from the home university after completing a given number of semesters abroad. A double degree typically takes less time than it would take to complete each programme separately. A double degree is a great opportunity to gain international and intercultural experience.  

During this program, 42 credits need to becompleted at the host university (excluding thesis work). Courses at the hostuniversity are taught in English. Master thesis is supervised by two supervisorsfrom both universities. By completing this double degree program, Corvinusstudents can earn an additional diploma (besides Corvinus one) of MA in Publicand Non-Profit Management or MA in Public Administration of Babes-BolyaiUniversity.


Only full-time students are eligible to takepart in this double degree programme and the registration at the hostuniversity is also required. There are no tuition fees at the host university,however other service fees may apply. Travel, accommodation and other costshave to be covered by the students themselves. Document(s) certifying havingvalid health insurance coverage are required. Erasmus and funding frameworkscan be used.

For more information and deatils please write to!

Double Degree Programme Palermo

Double Degree Program with University of Palermo,Italy

Palermo has not just nice warm weather allaround the year, with palm trees and seashore, but also an excellent universityin the middle of the historical city center. University of Palermo is a mainEuropean centre of Dynamic System Modelling in Public Sector Management andoffers a unique and valuable knowledge in this field.

The double degree program is available for themaximum number of 5 students per year. Two completed semesters are aprerequisite to participation in the program. Student is required to spend onesemester in Palermo, where 30 ECTS are to be completed. Corvinus students can havetheir exchange semester during their last semester (spring semester of the 2ndyear).

The following courses are offered by theUniversity of Palermo for the exchange semester: Planning and Control Systems(10 ECTS); Performance Management in the Public Sector (12 ECTS); Electivecourse(s) (8 credits). In addition to these, thesis Seminar II. (9 ECTS) needs tobe completed at Corvinus. Students who participate in this this double degree program, need to write their master thesis in English, under the supervision of two supervisors from the partner universities, and defend before a joint committee. The issues related with the thesis are administrated by the home university   

Information on administrative requirements,accommodation, etc. is provided by the host university before arrival. Corvinusstudents are offered the same conditions and services as those available forlocal students. No additional registration or tuition fees apply, however othercosts (travel, accommodation, insurance, services) must be financed by thestudents themselves. Erasmus and other funding frameworks may be available.

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