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Profile of the Department: The Department of Health Economics is responsible for the Health Policy Planning and Financing master program, alongside offering compulsory and elective courses. The Department also conducts extensive research work with national and international focus, the experiences of which are incorporated into teaching.
The aim of the Department is to provide students an opportunity to learn the economic concepts and tools and their use in the healthcare field and to obtain competitive knowledge that can be used in practice at their future workplace.

The courses provided by the Department help our students become highly respected staff members at pharmaceutical companies, business insurance companies, consulting firms and public sector institutions. Our program also prepares students for international opportunities such as positions at international pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, financiers, research institutes, OECD and EU institutions.

The Department’s research activities: The Department, in cooperation with students, conducts research in a wide variety of health care fields. The Department is involved in the international research programs.

Main research topics: health policy, insurance, financing and management; pharmaceuticals and health technology analysis; biotechnology, disease burden and quality of life studies in a wide variety of disease areas.

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