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Training Programs, Education

Our Department is one of the leading scientific workshops in the field of finance in Hungary. For more than a decade now we have been teaching our students the most up-to-date knowledge content of investment analysis, risk management and corporate valuation. Our staff have contributed to the translation of a number of textbooks on finance, which represent the international standard and are taught at prestigious universities abroad. Our topics are adjusted to the examination requirements of leading international organisations (CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst; EFFAS – European Federation of Financial Analysts’ Societies).

Advanced Financial Mathematics Programme

Undergraduate students may participate in the Hungarian-language Special Financial Mathematics Programme (AFM). The SFM is primarily aimed at students of the Corvinus University of Budapest who want to continue their studies in master’s programmes in Finance or in some other methodology-intensive fields. As part of the SFM programme, students can take advanced-level financial and mathematical subjects as a block, using some of their total number of hours available for optional subjects. The primary goal of the programme is to provide, and practice with students, methodological foundations enabling them to complete MSc courses. The completion of the SFM is not a prerequisite for any subsequent career choice elements; the benefit for those who complete the programme is represented by the knowledge gained and deepened here. The SFM programme may be considered as a kind of preparatory course series for master’s programmes.

Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations (TDK)

Our staff provide mentoring support to Students participating in Conferences of Scientific Students’ Associations. Our students have traditionally participated, in large numbers and with good results, in both institutional-level and national-level Conferences of Scientific Students’ Associations. For further information, please visit our TDK website.

Corvinus Lectures in Finance

In the autumn of 2012, the Department launched a series of events, as part of which we have organized lectures for our students and all those interested. We have invited experts and corporate leaders to lecture on, for example, a significant market event or corporate transaction, or on the latest developments in scientific research.

Our objectives:
1. To give our academic and business partners the opportunity to lecture to a well-educated, understanding and interested audience.
2. To give our former students (alumni) the opportunity to meet former fellow students, keep in touch with the University, and receive further training concerning their profession.
3. To give our current students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn about the latest developments in this field of science.

If you would like to be a speaker or a sponsor of a future lecture, please write to us to the following address

Dr. Csóka Péter Rektori Szervezet / Pénzügy Intézet / Befektetések
Egyetemi tanár / Professor
E épület, 263, 263
Phone: +36 1 482 5288 • Ext: 5288

Finance Laboratory

The Bloomberg Trading Room, which provides access to the trading data of the world’s largest exchanges, was opened at the Corvinus University of Budapest on 21 November 2013. The main objective of establishing and operating the University “trading room” is to support the renewal, in accordance with international trends, of financial educational and research methodologies at Corvinus University of Budapest and thus to increase the attractiveness of University programmes and the recognition of financial sciences in all fields.

The exclusive computer-equipped Finance Laboratory has been arranged in the glass-walled room of the University’s Central Library to make the entrant feel as if in the trading room of a large financial institution. Dual-monitor workstations are available to monitor trading, with a 15-minute delay, on all the world’s major exchanges and to read a wide variety of economic news, and a Bloomberg database of historic data is also available, covering all important characteristics of markets, in some cases for a period back to several decades. The Laboratory, which is unique in Central and Eastern Europe, has been modelled after the examples of leading universities in the United States such as Richmond and Bentley. 

Opening Hours

During study periods, the opening hours are adjusted to the timetable of the room, and the FinLab room may be used during consultation sessions, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on every weekday. You can apply for using the room through the Moodle system. After logging in the Moodle system, you will find “FinLab Reservation” in a small window on the left. By clicking on this, you can make reservations in blocks (1 block is 45 minutes on weekdays, and 60 minutes on Saturdays). The rules of using the room are as follows:

1. The room may only be used by Corvinus students, for the time being. We are working also on products to offer to our alumni and outsiders (e.g., students from other universities).

2. It is forbidden to take your coat, food or drink into the room. Your mobile phone ringtone volume must be set to low.

3. If not all machines are booked, the room may be used without a reservation.

4. During classes, the room may only be used with the prior permission of the course lecturer.

The room is located on the first floor of Building C (Közraktár utca 4-6), in the area of the Central Library, to the right of the entrance. 

Exchange Top List Award 2013: Award for the Development of the Hungarian Capital Market

The Budapest Stock Exchange awarded and celebrated the top performers of the Hungarian capital market on 12 December 2013. At the Exchange Top List award ceremony, the most successful dealer of the year, the best performing firms, and the winner of the “Award for the Development of the Hungarian Capital Market” were, among other winners, revealed. At the Exchange Top List award ceremony of the Budapest Stock Exchange, nine awards were presented with most of them selected based on objective factors and indicators. All winners received a prize uniquely created by the applied artist Péter Botos.

Award for the Development of the Hungarian Capital Market – Foundation of the Department of Finance of Corvinus University of Budapest.

The winner of the award is the Foundation of the Department of Finance of Corvinus University of Budapest, especially for its FinLab project. Corvinus FinLab is a finance laboratory unique even in Central Europe, which provides access to the trading data of the world’s largest exchanges. The laboratory, also called the “University trading room”, which is unique in our region, has been established by the Foundation with the main objective to support the renewal of the University’s financial educational and research methodologies and thus to further increase the attractiveness of the University’s programmes and the recognition of financial sciences.

A significant objective behind the establishment of the laboratory is to promote a long-term improvement in the quality of the training of professionals of economics and finance in Hungary. At the same time, the Finance Laboratory improves the financial literacy of students, encourages them to embrace investor thinking, informed personal financial decisions and an entrepreneurial mindset, and brings investment analysis and risk management closer to everyday life. 

Inspiration – Where we got the idea

In Richmond, the Trading Floor basically supports a so-called “experimental learning” programme, in which volunteer graduating students of finance can perfectly imitate all internal processes of an investment fund and can manage a portion of University funds (they can conclude contracts, write the investment fund’s strategy, hold board meetings on asset allocation, place orders for transactions through a broker, evaluate performance, maintain books and maintain the entire administration, etc.). Since all decisions have to be supported by research and analysis, they can test their theoretical knowledge in practice, “learning by doing”.

At the University, the Trading Room occupies a relatively large area because a total of 45 workstations (large room) + 12 workstations (small room) have been set up. 

The reason for developing an increased capacity is that there are far more formal classes and external training sessions here than in Richmond. In addition, the number of potential students using the room is higher. Classes, training sessions, and company presentations are held in the large room, and students can study and research alone in the small room. The Trading Room as a whole is managed by Richard Gibble (Director of HCFS). 

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