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Master Lecturer II.

Tim Gittins

Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation/Department of Enterprise Development and Management  

Tim Gittins received his Bachelor’s level degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading (UK) in 1990. He has lived and worked in Hungary since 1996 and holds a PhD in SME internationalisation and entrepreneurship from Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria which was awarded in 2018. He has worked at Corvinus since 2019 and has also taught at the universities of Birmingham and Liverpool (UK). His teaching work is concerned with startup businesses and entrepreneurship at Bachelors and Masters levels. His research work began with publishing articles on informal learning and return migrant entrepreneurship as part of his PhD project. Since then he has co-authored articles on the Budapest entrepreneurial ecosystem and upon the business related effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Small and Medium sized enterprises in different sectors in Hungary. He has also published a conceptual article on potential for integration of informal residential waste collection activities of Roma communities in Hungary with environmental policy objectives and is currently conducting field research in this area. He has also presented papers on these themes at various conferences in the past 4 years both in actual and online modes and is actively involved in teaching material development for the department.  

Balázs Králik

Institute of Finance/Department of Investments 

Balázs Kralik obtained his Physics BSc and Mathematics MSc diploma at Stanford University, his Physics PhD and Computer Science MSc at the University of California at Berkeley. His mentors were Steven Chu at Stanford and Steven G Louie at Berkeley. He published in the area of Computational Condensed Matter Theory.  

In the late 90’s he started his career in the startup world of Silicon Valley, where he was involved in early-stage companies specializing in financial technology, asset valuation and supply chain optimization. He co-authored several patents.  

In the early 2000’s he joined Susquehanna International Group’s Statistical Arbitrage desk, then worked as an independent portfolio manager. Later at Optiver he was involved in High Frequency Futures Market Making. His latest project was setting up quantitative strategies in one of the Winklevoss-funded crypto market making start-ups.  

He joined the faculty of Corvinus University in 2021, and became head of department in 2022.   

His research interests include market microstructure, trading strategies, risk management, and certain areas of financial mathematics.

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