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The Eurasian Center on Corvinus was established

The Eurasia Center will start operating at the Corvinus University of Budapest from the middle of February 2021, which aims to be the Hungarian center of scientific research in the Eurasian region from a geopolitical approach. The center’s research focuses on the geopolitical, economic, and social processes of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing region, with a particular focus on integration efforts such as the China Zone and Road Initiative.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
In addition to conducting research in the field, the Center provides a forum for sharing scientific results and exchanging views, as well as contributing to economic and political decisions in the Eurasian region and participating in international scientific life. It brings together experts from different parts of the region, supports interdisciplinary research, and at the same time promotes the dissemination of knowledge about China, Russia, Central Asia and neighboring regions, thus contributing to the becoming a gateway region of Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.

An important aim of the institution is to ensure that the latest results of international and domestic research reach the general public in Hungary, to raise the general level of knowledge about the region, and to integrate the knowledge material into political and economic decisions. Through its activities, the Eurasia Center also contributes to the development of the relevant disciplines, while enriching our knowledge with knowledge that can be used in practice, promoting the deepening of political, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and the Eurasian region. 
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