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Support for publication activity: Open access

The research support system of Corvinus University of Budapest has been available to all Corvinus lecturers and researchers since March 2020. Among the various research support options, the objective of the open access call for applications is to support open access publications, thus contributing to an increase in the number of references. 

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Applications can be submitted on the on-line application submission interface only, at  http://workflow.research.uni-corvinus.hu .   

To submit your application, please register and log in, then complete the proper application form.  

After the submission of the applications, the Library checks whether the University has open access quota for the journal indicated in the application, and if it has, the publication will be arranged within that framework. 

Applications are accepted continuously, the Evaluation Committee makes a decision within 5 working days of a full submission and informs the applicant in e-mail. Then administration may start, which has to be conducted by the applicant, pursuant to the University’s regulations in force.   

Evaluation criteria for Open Access support
Eligible applicants: Lecturers and researchers of Corvinus University of Budapest (Statement T1 has to be submitted to Corvinus)

Conditions of support: 

  • only publications intended to be published in international and peer-reviewed scientific journals may be supported,
  • only publications to be published in so-called gold open access journals may be supported (all the articles of the journal are immediately available to everyone)
  • the journal should be included in the DOAJ database
  •  in the cases of articles with multiple authors, the contribution of university authors should represent a ratio of 1/2 at least
  • the applicant should be the corresponding author
  • the publication could be used on the basis of CC-BY licence

Assessment considerations:

1.The applicant is eligible for support if ALL of the following points are satisfied:

  • the ratio of authors with university affiliation is ≥ 50%
  • at a date closest to the submission of the article, the journal is included in the Scimago Journal Ranking Q1 quartile
  • the journal is indexed by the Web of Science (WoS) database (it can be set as a filtering condition in the Scimago Journal Ranking thematic journal lists – Only WOS Journals)
  • the AIp value of the journal in the year closest to the publication is ≥ 40

2. The application is not eligible for support in any of the following cases:

  • in the case of journals pursuing hybrid publishing policies
  • the ratio of authors with university affiliation is < 50%
  • in the significant journal rankings (e.g. MTMT database), the journal is qualified as predatory, or, based on verified information, it is issued by a fraudulent/predator publisher.

3. The following criteria to be taken into account in the evaluation:

  • The latest Article Influence Score (AIS) and Article Influence percentile (AIp), Scimago Journal Ranking (SJR) values of the journal.
  • The journal is classified into a discipline according to Scimago or WoS

The information and the indicators are collected by the staff of the Library at the start of the assessment process. The indicators are available on these sites.


4. Additional information

  • support may be requested for up to 2 publications per year
  • the value limit of the support is HUF 600,000 + VAT for each article*
  • the publication should include the name of the sponsor
  • the support should be requested before the submission of the publication


The applicant must submit the following items on the on-line application interface (workflow)

  • completed application form,
  • journal’s notice letter on acceptance in pdf or word format,
  • full paper in pdf format,
  • co-authors’ statements, if necessary.


The applicant agrees to upload the published publication to the Corvinus Researches university repository ( http://unipub.lib.uni-corvinus.hu/ ) or to send it to the Library for the same purpose, to the szolg@uni-corvinus.hu address.  

The applicant undertakes to upload the online availability of the publication to the online application interface (workflow) after publication.

In the case of a successful application, the supported person shall submit a brief follow-up report to the Research Management Office once a year, for the annual research report and data supply.   

If the applicant does not meet the accounting conditions within the deadline, after the publication, he/she may be excluded from the research support tenders of the following two years. 

*Average of gold OA APC is 1618 €, median is 1542 € according to OpenAPC, this is within the value limit.

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