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Study administration during the epidemic

The measures announced on the 4th of March 2021 affect the operation of the university

Dear Student, 
The measures announced on the 4th and extended on the 19th of March 2021 affect the operation of the university, and we need to reorganize the system of personal study administration for the safety of all of us. Personal client reception is suspended in Student Services.
Study administration during the state of emergency:

During the emergency, we will primarily provide you with study administration online. To keep it running smoothly, you can use the following options:

1. Find out about the topic in question via our digital platform “Manage it online” / “Self Care”:

Hungarian-language full-time undergraduate, master’s and undivided master’s degree students
Hungarian-language correspondence and evening work undergraduate, master’s and specialized further training
English-language full-time undergraduate and graduate students

2. If you need help with an issue not found on the digital platform, write to our thematic e-mail addresses where our colleagues are waiting for your questions:

• In study-related matters, in the case of full-time training in Hungarian at hallgatoi.iroda@uni-corvinus.hu, in the case of part-time training at part.time@uni-corvinus.hu, and in the case of full-time training in English at student.office@uni-corvinus.hu
• Scholarship-related questions: osztondij@uni-corvinus.hu
• Questions related to partial training (Erasmus, other) (application, travel, documents): corvinus.erasmus@uni-corvinus.hu
• you can uninterruptedly submit all your requests listed in the study and examination regulations through the NEPTUN system
• If you need a proof of enrollment or a credit certificate that you will use electronically, you can still uninterruptedly download it from you’re the NEPTUN sytem.
• If you need a certified certificate with an original stamp and signature, write it to us at our e-mail addresses in the first point with the subject “request for an original certificate”. You will receive it by post mail, it will be sent only to your permanent address (the one registered in NEPTUN). Please note that the time between the submission and receipt of the request depends on the operation of the postal service provider.

3. We will also provide you with an appointment for online personal study counseling, we will send you more information about it soon. At the same time, during this period, telephone administration is suspended.

Please note that all electronic administration and correspondence can only be initiated from your official university mail address (firstname.lastname@stud.uni-corvinus.hu). Letters sent from other private e-mail addresses will be automatically rejected.

Please keep an eye on the university communication where we provide you with up-to-date information.

4. Personal client reception is suspended in Student Services.

Read more about the government’s epidemiological measures.

Click here for the Board of Presidents decisions affected on the personal appearance in the University’s educational buildings. 

Student Services 

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