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Enrollment and orientation week

The first day of your university life begins with the enrollment is required for your student status. You will have the opportunity to meet your Programme Director, collect as much information as necessary for choosing courses and for the smooth everyday life on university.

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Corvinus Amabassador

We look forward to welcoming you to our Enrollment and Orientation Event from August 28th to 31st 2023, where, in addition to the mandatory administration, various orientation eventswill help dispel these doubts and you can also have some fun.

“We will make sure that you have all the needed information about the studies and can listen to the orientation programs together with your peers”

You will meet your Programme Director already during the Enrollment and Orientation week, so you can hear the most important information about the programme directly from them.

About the programs:

– The Programme Director’s presentation (compulsory attendance), 

– Study orientation (compulsory attendance), 

– Introduction of the Student’s Union,

– Aula Expo (At the stands, set up in the Aula, you can talk informally with representatives from different departments, such as Student Finance, Library, IT Services, or even Outgoing Exchange opportunities),

– You can get to know the Student Organisations at the Expo, where you can apply to join,

– As part of the Campus Tour you can take a look around the buildings of the University, starting point at the main staircase of Building E

– the final stop of the Campus tour is the Chill Zone, which is also the meeting point of the Welcome on Board – Start on Corvinus Workshop (registartation is required)

You can even strengthen the competitive and team spirit by challenging your new peers to a foosball or table tennis match.       

And if you actively participate in the events and collect enough stamps on your passport during your orientation trip, you will be rewarded with Corvinus merch package.

Please make sure to bring all documents (both originals and copies) with you, as this is one of the essential conditions required for obtaining your student status.

Since the enrollment takes place at several locations during the day, pay extra attention to avoid losing your documents. We recommend keeping them organized and placed in a folder, as well as in a bag for storage.

If any of the documents below are missing when you come to enroll (exceptions: residence permit, tax ID, TAJ card, bank account) then you will be able to enroll at a later date!

You can find the list of documents required here!

We are looking forward to getting to know you in person!

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