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Sustainability Indicators Reseach Centre


The Sustainability Indicators Research Center studies how to measure and achieve sustainability. We focus on companies and individuals. During our research we examine: the measurement of the ecological footprint at the individual company, supply chain, and national level. We investigate measurements and evaluations related to the UN SDG sustainability indicator.

Thematic Excellence – project

We examined the connections between digitised tourism and the liveable environment, as well as the change of sustainable business models under the circumstances of the crisis. Furthermore, a questionnaire analysis was initiated, which connects consumers’ sustainability motivations with their general attitudes. We used multivariate statistical analysis (factor analysis and cluster analysis) along with qualitative research with participatory system mapping and pattern analysis for the analysis of sharing economy. The latest studies concluded that the unequal competitive conditions of the sharing economy can be mitigated by the self-regulatory mechanisms of companies and by official regulations. By analysing the content of the legal materials of companies and cities, it is possible to identify ways of doing this that can be adapted for other SE companies or cities.

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center



A 2022 article looked at how the pandemic changed people’s views on sustainable business models. Another article from 2022 examined how the pandemic led to a rise in consumption. In 2023, our study on sustainable mobility patterns was published in a D1 article that looks at ways to avoid conflict in the sharing economy.

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