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The Data Analysis Center aims to popularize data analysis within the local scientific community. The center’s work is based on three pillars. The first is promotion, which is realized through organizing open lectures at the university on the topic of data analysis. Several such lectures are organized each semester, inviting local experts. The second pillar is talent nurturing, aimed at sparking the interest of talented students in data analysis. The third pillar is research activity through talent nurturing with talented students, which can lead to publications and ensure excellent succession in the field of science.

Fostering Excellence

The research center aims to prepare students for competitions and academic pursuits, achieving top placements in national forums and the Central Statistical Office’s statistics competition. It also focuses on launching students into scientific careers, equipping them with essential skills for success in academia.

Centre for Data Analysis

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


The Budget Council uses our analysis and reports directly when evaluating the draft of the annual budget plan.

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Previous partnerships

  • Bureau of Parliament (OH)
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