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The research group focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the digitalization of services. We want to get an answer to the question of how it is worthwhile to plan the services of the future and to incorporate the opportunities provided by technology and artificial intelligence into the services. Considering that services need to increase the perceived service quality resulting in customer satisfaction and is also has to be ethical. One of the central themes of the research center is service development based on the principles of digital humanism.

Role of robo-advisors and acceptance of MOOC courses

project, which is backed by the National Office of Research, Development and Innovation, looks at how people see the future of AI and how it’s affecting society right now. It’s important to look at how these expectations, which don’t include everything and block off certain paths, affect the future and the present. Our study is about how AI will affect the labour market up to 2050. To achieve our research goals, we use the traditional sociological interview method on the one hand and special future research tools on the other. Our study used a questionnaire and a qualitative (case study) research, along with a systematic literature review.

We shed light on the need to sensitize young people starting their careers regarding the social and labour market effects of disruptive technologies. Rapid technological changes show some optimism instead of anxiety, young people see their own professions as more future-proof, other professions are less so.

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