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Corvinus SAP Next-Gen Lab


The Corvinus SAP Next-Gen is an innovation community that leverages the functionality of the SAP digital innovation system, integrating the latest technologies to connect companies, students, startups, academic thinkers, researchers, and businesses. This center is centered around the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) applications within corporate operations, particularly focusing on how AI can be harnessed to enhance business processes and decision-making.

Promoting education and research activities

The primary goal of the research center is to promote education and research activities through:

  • Experimenting with, popularizing, and integrating cutting-edge technologies into education.
  • Establishing more direct and intensive industrial and corporate relationships.
  • Enhancing our innovation capabilities through the initiation of R&D cooperations and research projects.
  • Ensuring a workforce trained in areas demanded by leading companies and technologies.
  • Executing complex projects that ensure the professional development of students.
Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


„Our efforts aim to not only foster technological adeptness among students and professionals but also drive forward the practical application of AI in enhancing business operations across various sectors.”

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