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Performance Management Research Center of Budapest


The research center focuses on the examination of performance measurement and evaluation within organizational frameworks. We study the continuously evolving processes and tools of performance measurement and evaluation in companies, aiming to understand how these systems contribute to the realization of organizational goals and strategies.

Advancing Leadership and Organizational Strategies

Our research examines current and future organizational and leadership solutions, linking them to financial performance. Our overarching research questions are: How can the organizations of today and tomorrow be described? What desirable leadership roles are capable of creating and successfully managing such organizations? Performance Management Research Center
Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


“Milyen lesz a jövő vezetője? Milyen szervezetet fog irányítani? Hogyan változtatják meg a társadalmi, technológiai innovációk a vezetésről alkotott hagyományos
képet? (…)



It is of key importance for all businesses, and even for non-business organisations to follow professional recommendations regarding the organisation and the manager of the future, and this is critical for the national economy, too.

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Previous partnerships

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Centre for Performance Management & Controlling, Menedzsment és Controlling Egyesület, International Group of Controlling

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