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Advanced negotiations skills 

Get your toolkit for better outcomes and value 

This course will take negotiation skills to a higher level, both in private and business life, and equip participants with a toolkit which can be used immediately. Participants learn the latest strategies and frameworks to negotiate and influence their counterparts. The curriculum includes real-life business scenarios and simulations and will help each individual to see their current negotiation style and areas for improvements. 

Group sessions will feature methodologies to analyse, plan and manage different types of negotiations as well as develop the skills to predict and influence a counterpart’s behaviour. 

Building on over 20 years of experience in negotiations in business-to-business sales, the instructor will be joined by other experts, which will empower students to excel as strategic negotiators. 

Early bird application deadline: 18 October 2023.

Application deadline: 2 November 2023.

Program director: Patrick Bohl 

Program instructor: Dr. Patrick Bohl and invited guest lecturers. 
– Experienced Sales Manager or Buyer 
– Psychologist 

Length of program: 24  hours 

Language of the program: English

Early bird tuition fees: gross 285 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Tuition fees: gross 336 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Qualification offered by the program: Improving negotiation and influencing skills and certificate

The timing of the programme:

  • 9 November,15.30 – 17.00,17:20 – 18:50,19:10 – 20:40,
  • 10 November,15.30 – 17.00,17:20 – 18:50,19:10 – 20:40,
  • 17 November- 15.30 – 17.00, 17:20 – 18:50, 19:10 – 20:40,
  • 24 November- 15.30 – 17.00, 17:20 – 18:50, 19:10 – 20:40

The program will be launched if sufficient applicants apply.

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Our programme is perfect for...

Any manager or leader who negotiates regularly in their role, including those responsible for influencing inside and outside their organisation. 

Topics of the module

The training will improve the negotiation skills of participants by examining case studies, participating in role-play through real-world scenarios, discussing experiences in group discussions with professionals. The theoretical section of the course will help understand psychological concepts which influence how we make decisions as well as methods and tools which can be applied in live negotiations to achieve better outcomes.  

  1. Introduction, planning of negotiations, psychological foundations of influencing others, overview of methods   
  2. Verbal and non-verbal communication theories, understanding negotiation techniques and methods,  
  3. Learning to apply selected negotiation methods using case studies and role-play to improve influencing and communication skills.   
  4. Fine-tune above skills through feedback, situational role-play, learn how to consider cross-cultural aspects  

Admission requirements

At least two years of professional or institutional experience, which included negotiation of bilateral agreements as part of the role.  

Welcome to the Advanced Negotiation Skills Program!

Here, we will be mastering negotiation together! 

In a modern world collaboration is key, therefore negotiation is essential. We are excited to guide you through this program, equipping you with the skills to excel in your professional and personal life. 

Supported by experienced professors, this program combines theory with practical techniques. You’ll explore real cases and develop creative solutions. 

Negotiation is an art of understanding and strategy. We are happy to have you onboard! 

Program Director, 
Patrick Bohl 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Patrick Bohl
Program director & instructor

After the certificate

By the end of the module participants will be able to… 

  • Interpersonal skills and influencing techniques 
  • problem solving and creating win-win outcomes 
  • conflict management 
  • cross-cultural communication skills  
  • planning skills.
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