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Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA

Step Forward, Lead On!

Earn two diplomas from Corvinus University of Budapest and Maastricht University.
Personalised leadership development journey - mentoring for small peer learning groups.
Impactful projects: Real-world challenges to sharpen your acumen.
Expand your horizon: build a global network among international students and teachers.

For emerging managerial talent, leaders of SMEs and entrepreneurs – our Executive MBA can help you to discover and realize your best self, elevate your career and grow your business internationally!

The Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA is an international double diploma program, offered by Corvinus University of Budapest and Maastricht University – Maastricht School of Management (MSM), with SEED Executive School as an associate partner.

The Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA is a transformational programme that gives you the tools to become an effective and responsible leader thriving in a complex international business environment. You will develop core knowledge of all the functional areas of business (at an executive level), with a strong emphasis on teamwork and complex problem-solving.

This Executive MBA will mould you into a future leader with a strong network and influence in Central Europe!

Graduates will receive an Executive MBA diploma from Corvinus University of Budapest and an MSc degree from Maastricht University.

This programme is the only MBA in Hungary with EFMD accreditation and is the only MBA with triple accreditation.

The Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA holds the prestigious accreditations of AACSB, AMBA and EFMD.

The programme is ideal for professionals living in Hungary or neighbouring countries as teaching takes place over one intensive weekend typically each month (from Friday to Sunday, and in some exceptional cases on Thursday afternoons) at Corvinus University of Budapest. We welcome students from destinations within easy reach by air. Two international weeks are held at Maastricht University, in Maastricht during the summer (typically in June) after the first year.

Program information

ECTS: 120

Duration: 4 semesters


• Budapest (semester classes are held here)
• Maastricht (two–week summer school, specializations takes place here)

Study method: 100% in-person

Teaching days: three (Fri-Sat-Sun) or
four (Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun) full days typically once a month

Start date: September 2024

Form of financing: self-funded

Early bird application

EUR 4 950
per semester

Deadline: 03. 06. 2024

Normal application

EUR 5 500
per semester

Deadline: 06. 09. 2024


Program highlights

Personalised leadership development journey
– you will create an individual development programme to match your professional goals, which you will reflect upon and re-evaluate throughout your studies.
Professional application
– you will undertake learning projects and peer-to-peer learning.
Real business experience
– you will benefit from our close cooperation with the leading regional (and multi-national) companies.
Social Enterprise Challenge
– work with peers on real life unstructured problems with innovators, social entrepreneurs and researchers.
Exceptional faculty
– you will be taught by leading professors, genuine executives and (ex)CEOs of the region.
Leadership Camp
– in this highly practical course, participants are supported in their leadership role through plenary sessions and small group discussions guided by C-level executives with 20+ years of international experience.
Proactive teaching methodology
– engage in case studies, simulations, leadership assessment and teamwork activities.
Exceptional peers
– you will study with likeminded, ambitious professionals and develop your network with the future leaders of the region.

Main building blocks and curriculum

Leadership development journey
Throughout the program each participant will develop competencies along a personal leadership development plan, increasing self-awareness and the positive impact on people, teams and organizations.
Corvinus University of Budapest

Being feared does not make you a good leader

Eszter Czank took over the position of location leader of Infineon Technologies’ Budapest office on May 1, after returning from maternity leave, while writing her thesis for the Executive MBA programme at Corvinus-MSM-Seed. Her story shows that a woman leader can do the impossible if she has the confidence and support of her peers. And, not least, she gives it back to her colleagues.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

“A good Executive MBA programme will buy you into the VIP club”

A good HR manager always has plans A, B and C for succession to senior management, but to do this, the talent within the company needs to be developed. We talked to Anna Kaposvári, Head of HR at Claas Hungária, about what an Executive MBA degree is worth from an HR perspective and why she recommends the Corvinus-MSM-Seed Executive MBA programme to the selected employees.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

Travelling from Saudi Arabia to attend the Corvinus Executive MBA programme

Junaid Saiyed commutes thousands of kilometres each month to participate in the weekend sessions of the Corvinus-MSM-Seed Executive MBA program. Reflecting on the past academic year, he believes that the substantial investment of time and energy has been paying off. The businessman shared his journey from Saudi Arabia to the Corvinus Executive MBA program and detailed how the program has significantly enhanced his skills.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

On the way to senior leadership – how can a mentor help you achieve your goal?

Edit Bartha and Péter Verebélyi were colleagues for many years at a multinational company. Edit applied for admission to the Corvinus Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme on Péter’s advice, and Peter continued to be her mentor throughout her studies. When should you recommend EMBA training to a mentored colleague, what aspects should you consider when choosing from the programmes available on the market, and how can a mentor support the mentee in completing the programme leading to senior management positions? These were some of the questions we discussed with Edit and Péter.

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Admission requirements

• BA/BSc diploma and transcript

• Motivation letter (minimum 600 words)

• Certificate(s) proving 5 years of work experience from your employer(s)

• Two signed letters of recommendation from your employer(s) on company headed paper

• CV

• Proficiency in English is tested based on the submitted application and a personal interview.

Study visas cannot be required for courses.

Please note that the committee may decide to ask for taking an additional test.

As part of the admission process, you will need to purchase and complete five preparatory courses which consist of four academic levelling courses and a Write & Cite course. In case you have completed the GMAT with a score of 600 or higher (or the GRE with a score of 160 or higher), the preparatory courses are waived.

The purpose of the academic levelling courses is to help develop your foundational business knowledge in four subjects: Accounting, Business Finance, Microeconomics and Quantitative Research Techniques & Statistics. Each course consists of a pre-test, the course content and a post-test. In the post-test a minimum score of 55% for each subject is required. The Write & Cite course consists of a pre-test, modules covering the foundations of academic writing, literature sources and referencing, and a post-test (minimum score in the post-test of the Write & Cite course is 80%).

You will receive a link to these preparatory courses after a successful interview. The deadline for having completed all preparatory courses with the required minimum scores is the start of the program.

Administrative and admissions contacts

E-mail: emba@uni-corvinus.hu

Phone: +36 30 106 1429

Programme Director

Andrea Toarniczky is associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB), where she teaches Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Culture, Diversity Management and gives personal development, management skills and teambuilding training at master, postgraduate and EMBA level. She studied physics and business at “Babes-Bolyai” University (BBU) (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and international business at ESIAME (ESSCA (Angers, France) and CUB (Budapest, Hungary) joint postgraduate program) and she spent with research scholarship one semester at HEC, Paris (France). Andrea got her Ph.D. in 2012 from CUB (Hungary). Her main fields of interest are socialization in organizational and professional contexts of diverse groups and leadership development. Andrea participated in different national and international research projects and she published several articles in Hungarian and international journals. She is member of the European Group of Organizational Studies and European Association of Transactional analysis.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Andrea Toarniczky, PhD

Programme Director

Associate Professor

Our Instructors

Corvinus University of Budapest

Andre De Wit

Dean of Leadership Academy Amsterdam, Executive MBA mentor at CUB.Lecture(s): Personal Leadership Development Journey

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Zoltán András Buzády

Associate Professor at CUB and Director of Leadership & Flow Global Research Network.Lecture(s): Leading people (FLIGBY)

Corvinus University of Budapest

Charles Alan McFerren

Master Lecturer II at CUB, formerly held various management positions in Finance and Accounting at ADNOC, Mars and Pharmacia.Lecture(s): Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A project)

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. László Eszes

Academic Director at SEED, Founder and Lead Methodologist of the CAFE Change Agility Framework.Lecture(s): Leadership Camp

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Péter Fehér

Vice-President for International Relations and Accreditations and Associate Professor at CUB.Lecture(s): Digital Transformation and Process Management

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Dóra Horváth

Head of Department of Marketing, Media, and Design Communications and Associate Professor at CUB.Lecture(s): Disruptive development project

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Ákos Kassai

Founder and Owner of InQBator, Lecturer at CUB. Lecture(s): Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A project)

Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Zita Anikó Kelemen

Director of International Strategic Partnerships and Associate Professor at CUB, former Central Europe Regional Marketing Director at Indesit Company.Lecture(s): Managing Cultural Diversity, Marketing

Corvinus University of Budapest

Réka Matolay

Head of Corvinus Science Shop and Associate Professor at CUB.Lecture(s): Social Entreprise Challenge

Corvinus University of Budapest

Sofía De León Almaraz

Associate Professor at CUB, Management Consultant.Lecture(s): Global Supply Chain Management

Career opportunities​

Our graduates have secured positions including:

• Managing Director
• Global CEO
• Regional Manager
• Finance Director
• Head of Human Resources

vár a corvinus

Accreditations and rankings

Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

Maastricht University – Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

Double diploma opportunities

Maastricht University – Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Program: MBA | Award: MSc

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

What our students think


Osman Yilmaz

Managing Director/Celebi Aviation Holding, Turkey 

I always led projects or departments in the early stages of my career. I was the COO for Turkey responsible for 26 airports, then I took the MD role of the Hungarian branch of the group. I wanted to continue developing myself and I started discussing my career with the Head of Group HR and the President to whom I was reporting. I decided to apply for an Executive MBA and chose Corvinus because of its strong reputation in the CEE. During the MBA my MD role was expanded to include Austria. The MBA has elevated my career further. Since graduating, I’ve taken control of the biggest entity in the group – Turkey – overseeing 32 airports and cargo and warehouse operations.

Corvinus University of Budapest
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