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Horizon Europe call for proposals

Centre for Horizon Europe (CHE) is proud to announce that from CUB’s first round of proposals submitted last year within the Horizon Europe programme one proposal was granted, and one is on the reserve list.

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

According to the Horizon Europe standards the award rate is higher than the average European. 

In the second round, this spring, altogether 11 proposals were submitted. Researchers of Corvinus University were invited to participate in the projects as partner organisations. The colleagues of the Centre for Horizon Europe provided support for the researchers during the elaboration phase and the submission process. The total amount requested by CUB is approx. 4,67 M EUR. The evaluation process takes about 5 months, so the results will be released earliest in late Summer 2022. 

There are still some interesting calls for proposals open with September-October deadlines. On the website of the Centre for Horizon Europe you will find the most relevant ones, or you can browse directly the Funding and Tenders Portal of the European Commission here

If you are interested in participating in Horizon Europe projects, do not hesitate to contact the CHE colleagues

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