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We are the ones who matter! Pro and anti-Trumpists’ attitudes in Hungary – Article by Tamás Tóth

2022-01-04 08:58:28

The article co-authored by Tamás Tóth was published in the Journal of Contemporary European Studies.

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Drawing on a unique dataset of Hungarian citizens (n = 767), this study investigates the importance of various populist values through the analysis of differences between the attitudes of pro-Trump and anti-Trump respondents. The results show a strong correlation between Trump sympathy and populist attitudes. While populism is often defined as an anti-elite ideology, our most important finding is that anti-elitist attitudes are irrelevant in differentiating populists from non-populists, while in-group solidarity, preferences for a homogenous society, fast-action, and anti-science beliefs are. At the same time, anti-elitism raises opposition to pluralist forms that in turn contribute to pro-Trumpism. This suggests that there is a need for further research on populist attitudes that should account for the importance of cultural and historical context in interpreting them. 


Zsolt, P., Toth, T., & Demeter, M. (2021). We are the ones who matter! Pro and anti-Trumpists’ attitudes in Hungary. JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN STUDIES. https://doi.org/10.1080/14782804.2021.1992362 


SJR 2020: 0.409 

Q1 (Cultural Studies) 

Q2 (Political Science and International Relations; Sociology and Political Science) 

AIp 2020: 60 

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