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Want to know how much income you can expect? GCTS can help!

2024-06-14 12:43:00

The Education Authority has been collecting data on the labour market situation and academic satisfaction of active and graduated university students for several years. In order to make the Education Authority’s results as credible as possible, it is important to support the data collection process with your response!
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

During this period, we are conducting a survey among our current students in line with the Graduate Career Tracking System (GCTS). The questionnaire will be used to gain a better understanding of our students’ study experiences, learning and employment plans. The survey is also an important tool in our quality assurance processes, and the results will be used, among other things, to improve our training and our programmes. 

Of course, the responses received will be treated anonymously and will only be used in aggregated form for statistical purposes. The most user-friendly way to fill in the questionnaire is on a computer; therefore, such device is recommended to use.  

Please complete the questionnaire by 3 July 2024 by clicking on the link below: 


If the filling is interrupted, it can be resumed later from the same device. 

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to contact us at minosegugy@uni-corvinus.hu. 
Thank you for helping us with your answers! 

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