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Up to 70 thousand HUF a month at Corvinus! Can it stay?

2022-02-18 11:56:02

Thanks to the foundation's funding, the maximum amount of the study grant was HUF 70,000 per month in the last semesters, and the per capita amount was almost double the state's.

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What do you need to know about it?

An important goal of the Corvinus is to become the best university in the field of economic and social sciences in the Central and Eastern European region by 2030. The way to achieve this is not only through better education and services, but also by motivating our students. By moving to a foundation form of operation in 2019, we had the opportunity to break away from the rules of the state scholarship system in an open ascending system. With the involvement of more resources, we have created a system that motivates our students more effectively than ever before.

Who can receive it?

Study grants will be awarded to the best students based on their academic performance during the semester. You can apply not only if you are studying at the University free of charge with a Corvinus Scholarship, but also if you have not won a Corvinus Scholarship.
Study grants funded by the Foundation are available to students who enrolled at Corvinus after the Foundation’s transition, i.e. in September 2019 and after. Of course, those who started studying with us before then can also receive a study grant, but their grants are calculated according to a different set of rules.

How much can you receive?

In the last semester, we spent a total of HUF 330 million on study grants, so not only did the total funding significantly exceed the HUF 46 million budget of the state scholarship, but the amount per student also nearly doubled.

The advantage of the foundation study grant is also shown by the fact that while the maximum amount of the state scholarship was 40 thousand HUF, in the case of the foundation scholarship, the students who won the scholarship received between 40 and 70 thousand HUF per month, except for a few.

What’s more, you don’t just get a study grant if you get an A+: we have degree programmes where you can qualify with a 3.9 general study average.
The table below gives a detailed comparison of the two types of study grants.

  Study grant I. (Students enrolled before September 2019) Study grant II. (Students enrolled from September 2019 onwards) 
Total number of eligible students 774 2,942 
Number of students with an A-level average 157 511 
Total amount allocated HUF 45,925,595 HUF 331,428,900 
maximum study grant HUF / month HUF 40,000 HUF 70,000 
minimum study grant HUF / month HUF 8,400 HUF 14,000 
study grant winners (number) 461 1,052 
average amount paid HUF/semester/person HUF 99,621 HUF 315,046 
average amount paid HUF/month/person HUF 19,924 HUF 63,009 
study averages minimum 3.9 
study averages minimum 
bands (persons)     
below HUF 20,000 229 
20,001-30,000 226 
40,001-50,000 69 
50,001-60,000 210 
60,001-70,000 754 

Want to apply? If you’re a Corvinus student, get ready, because you can take part in the next semester’s call for applications from 7 February! You can find information on this in the Study Scholarship menu of the website and the MyCorvinus app.

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