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University Professor, Former Teacher of Corvinus University, Sándor Ligeti Dies

2020-10-19 07:10:29

May he rest in peace.

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of retired university professor of the Finance Department of the Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law Sándor Ligeti, aged 80.

Sándor Ligeti graduated with honours from Marx Károly University of Economics in 1963. He joined the Finance Department in 1964. He was candidate of economics (CSs) from 1980 and appointed university professor in 1996.

Professor Ligeti researched and taught the operation of banks and the banking system for decades; he is the author or editor of multiple studies, university lecture notes and study books.

His students and colleagues knew him from his university lectures, exams and refined sense of humour. He remained a member of the community of the University and the Finance Department even after his retirement, he often returned to discuss matters of the profession, the university and personal life.

We will miss him and keep his memory for ever!

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