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Thematic diversity continues to be a hallmark of the CIAS International Workshops

2024-04-23 16:31:00

The 10th anniversary CIAS International Workshop was held on 18 April 2024, and for the first time at the new Gellért Campus, which was sincerely appreciated by international colleagues.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

In keeping with its round number, the event featured presentations by ten colleagues, all of which were clearly articulated and presented and based on documentable, serious research thus expressing an important objective of CIAS: to promote and publicly present cross-disciplinary research that is understandable and relevant to the entire academic community, and at the forefront of world research. 

The one-day workshop was opened by Professor Oszkár Zoltán Szántó (Vice-Rector for Research and Dean of CIAS). The first session included three presentations: one on the new research centre at CIAS (Ecological Economics) and the others on new directions in the philosophy of mathematics and game theory, respectively. The second session featured speakers from the fields of history and philosophy of science, cultural and political anthropology, and international relations and security policy. The third panel session focussed on data science, metrics of science, and finance and economics. 

As in the past, the tenth CIAS Workshop proved to be a successful event, with a large number of participants following the presentations both on-site and online, adding their questions and comments to the programme. As in previous workshops, the speakers included colleagues from around the globe (this time from Canada, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and the U.S.), all working on cutting edge research. 

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