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They became the Lecturers of the Semester

2023-03-07 15:57:14

The awards were presented by the Student Union on the basis of nominations and votes from students.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

On 22 February, the Student Union organised the Teacher of the Semester Gala. Since last December, students had the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favourite teachers in the Teacher of the Semester Awards. At the Gala, the forty most outstanding teachers of the autumn semester in eight different categories received their certificates and awards at the gala evening. 

The evening was opened by Viola Beck, President of the Student Council, followed by a number of performers. The Teacher of the Semester awards were then presented. 

They were awarded as Teachers of the Semester for the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/23: 

  • Lecturer of the Semester: Dr. Péter Tallos 
  • The tutor of the semester: Zoltán Madari 
  • Language teacher of the semester: Milán Bikics 
  • Physical education teacher of the semester: Mrs József Harmat 
  • Demonstrator for the semester: Bence Márk Kassai 
  • Kindest teacher: György Bence Motyovszki  
  • Funniest teacher: Dr. József Misz  
  • Winner of the “Who we learned the most from” award: Zsolt Ábrahám 

Thank you all for your participation, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners for their fine achievements! 

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