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The Tandem Buddy Programme is now open for applications

2022-09-01 15:03:32

You may apply for a Buddy position for the autumn semester until 11 September.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

The ESN Corvinus opens its Tandem Buddy Programme of the autumn semester of 2022-2023 for applications again. This programme has already become a tradition among the students of Corvinus.  

In every semester, hundreds of foreign exchange students arrive at the Corvinus University of Budapest, who may receive a lot of help from Hungarian students who are able to show what life is like at the University and in Budapest! 

Why is it worth doing the tandem? 

You can practice foreign languages! 

You can be part of an international community at the events organised by the ESN Corvinus! 

You can get acquainted with new cultures! 

You will be entitled to buy an ESN Card! 

In addition, you get extra points in your ERASMUS+ application if you were a Buddy! 

A few words about the ESN Card! 

In addition to foreign exchange students, the Hungarian Buddies are also entitled to have an ESN Card. With this card, you can enjoy a number of discounts in Budapest and abroad, too. Some of the discounts are: Ryanair (10% and free luggage of 20kg), Flixbus (10%), Grammarly, NordVPN and a lot of other places in Budapest! 

You can buy an ESN Card in the ESN Corvinus office (Ground floor office No. 7) or at this link ! 

Process of application 

1.) Register at the above link. IMPORTANT: select the ESN Corvinus as the ESN section closest to you. 

2.) When our coordinator accepts your application (this is necessary for security reasons), you can log into your profile, where you have to register for the ESN Buddy System project as a local student, then you have to fill out a quiz, based on which we will find the exchange student that suits you. 

3.) Then you both get an email with each other’s contact data, and you can contact each other! 

You will find more information in our Facebook event here!  

Should you have any question, contact the Tandem Coordinator of the ESN Corvinus at the following e-mail address: tandem@esncorvinus.com  

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