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“The Researchers’ Night may give a big boost to budding researchers”

2023-07-10 11:36:00

First-hand experience from a lecturer and researcher on why to apply for the event that will be held to promote science. An interview with Gyula Márton Szabó.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Last year, one of the most popular programmes at the Researchers’ Night was Gyula Márton Szabó’s presentation titled Management History – Historical Management: the Way Kings Manage. The teaching assistant at the Department of Management and Organisation said the following in response to our questions. 


How did you choose the topic of your presentation for the event? 

Of all the research programmes I’m personally involved in, this one is the closest to my heart, and both researching and preparing a presentation on topics where history and management are combined are a great experience . And the fact that my individual interest is so exciting for a wider audience is just icing on the cake. 


What was the main purpose of your presentation?  

The purpose of both the work and the presentation was for me to commemorate the great leadership, the unique and prudent programmes, and the reign of our rulers, whom I deeply respect. I wanted to prove and illustrate that even modern management science tools may be used to substantiate the fact that their success spanning centuries was not a matter of chance or mere intuition, but the result of their conscious efforts to create strategies based on a detailed analysis of the external and internal environment. 


What lessons did you learn from your participation in the Researchers’ Night? 

As a speaker, it was a great experience to present in the spotlight of attention of the audience in a packed hall, with some of the audience sitting on spare chairs and standing during the lecture, and then to answer questions from them. Perhaps it is the interdisciplinary nature of a programme that makes it more interesting. 


For whom and why do you recommend to apply to give a presentation or hold a session at the event? 

I can wholeheartedly recommend the event to budding researchers like me and to my fellow students, because a presentation made successfully gives you a huge boost and a momentum to continue your research and explore further topics. Many of my lecturer-researcher colleagues, significantly more eminentand experienced than me, gave very valuable, positive feedback, which was both honouring and uplifting! 


Do you plan to apply again this year?  

There’s no way for me not to apply, because I promised to apply last time! But frankly, I would not miss it for the world, regardless of the promise. I would like to mention the professional organisation and the good management of the sudden surge of interest. 


To put things in perspective: the event promotes researcher careers What character do you think it takes to be a good researcher? 

An insatiable thirst for knowledge, a properly-chosen field of science, as well as a supportive environment and advice from colleagues, are all essential, in my opinion. 


This year’s Researchers’ Night will take place on 29 September, with Corvinus joining in. You may apply as a speaker until 6th September 2023;the call,  is available on the intranet here. 

In the coming weeks, additional speakers will talk about their experience gained at Researchers’ Night events. 


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