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The journey of data – where the MyView fillings go

2024-05-13 14:56:00

Have you ever wondered how the university uses your feedback? This summary will explain.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

As the end of term draws near, more and more questionnaires are becoming available to you on MyView. By completing them, you can contribute to the ever-higher quality of education at our university. 

Who has access to the data?  

All questionnaires are filled in anonymously, so no student can be identified afterwards. The results will be anonymised for lecturers and university staff will see them only in aggregated form.   

The textual feedback can only be viewed, again anonymously, by lecturers, subject and course leaders as well as those colleagues of the Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and Methodology who are responsible for managing, processing and analysing data. 

What are the data used for?  

Feedback in MyView is integrated into the university’s operations at several points:  

The information is used at the development of study programmes and teaching materials.  

Lecturers may use the feedback to reflect on their teaching methods.  

Based on feedback, we offer internal trainings to our lecturers: by this way supporting them to be even more successful in their teaching.  

Want to know more about university surveys?  

Visit this page. 

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