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The Corvinus Science Shop and the Department of Public Policy have launched their collaboration

2023-06-15 09:44:00

This semester, the Corvinus Science Shop and the Department of Public Policy have started to collaborate to enrich the learning experience of our students and help connect science and society. The Science Shop channels dilemmas and challenges of civil society organizations and informal communities into university courses. Thus, throughout their training, students develop solutions for real problems faced by real organizations.

As part of our department’s popular elective course titled “Marketing and Fund Development in Nonprofit Organizations,” students worked on proposals for the current fundraising dilemmas of the Real Pearl Foundation. Following the organizational diagnosis, student groups came up with ideas and developed a detailed plan to increase the number of regular donors and acquire corporate and private donations necessary for the establishment of the Surány Children’s Camp. Feedback indicates that the collaboration was beneficial and motivating for both the students and the Foundation, thus, we are planning to continue this partnership in the next academic year.

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