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The Budapest Bike Maffia NGO’s “+1 Sandwich programme” comes to Corvinus

2023-10-06 12:11:00

The first session will take place from 9 October, when any university citizen can donate food to a nearby homeless shelter as part of a student project.

Our students are organising a charity food donation in collaboration with the Budapest Bike Mafia. Donations of sandwiches, juice, vitamins and biscuits, or any other food from the citizens of the university that can help to improve the daily lives of the deprived are welcomed at the collection point on the ground floor of the Main Building. 

The event is organised by Corvinus students in collaboration with the Budapest Bike Mafia. The first phase will run from Monday 9 October to Friday 13 October, and if successful, the fundraising will become a permanent feature. 

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