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The best political science trainings of Europe and Hungary at the Corvinus

2020-10-19 10:04:45

The U-Multirank supported by the European Commission has been evaluating and ranking 850 higher education institutions in 70 countries since 2014.

The U-Multirank differs from other university rankings in its approach, as it compares universities along multiple dimensions. According to the results published this year, the political science trainings of our University (BA, MA, PhD) are outstanding in every parameter, but especially in the respect of publications, with the exception of the dimension of knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the Corvinus has a prestigious position at both domestic and EU level in the ranking according to parameters.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


The analysis of the U-Multirank is not limited to the research activities of universities, but takes the various aspects and dimensions of their performance into consideration. The indicators of universities are evaluated with a scale of five grades (from very good to poor).

Institutions of higher education are compared in five dimensions:

· Teaching and learning (student-staff ratio, number of academic staff with PhD, student assessment).

· Research (number of publications, reference ratio).

· Knowledge transfer (income from competitive sources).

· International orientation (international orientation of master programmes, international joint publications).

· Regional engagement (regional joint publications).

The U-Multirank collects data from various stakeholders (students, administrators at the university, political decision-makers, academics, business leaders etc.). It is their concept, i.e. „Quality lies in the eye of the beholder”, that makes them really different from other rankings. More detailed information can be found about the domestic situation here, while the international results can be found here!

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