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The available scholarship amounts for the Erasmus+ programme have increased

2022-05-17 08:02:27

Scholarships and other grants available in the Erasmus + programme, 2022-23 academic year

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események


From the 2022-23 academic year, the available financial support will increase in the Erasmus + programme, and support will be available based on new criteria.

According to the Tempus Public Foundation, the scholarships available to outgoing students will increase in the 2022-23 academic year, as it can be seen in the table below.

 Student mobilityStudent internships
Programme countries with high cost of living600 Eur / month750 Eur / month
Programme countries with a medium cost of living600 Eur / month750 Eur/ month
Programme countries with lower cost of living540 Eur / month690 Eur / month

In addition, the equal opportunities grant (250 Eur / month), will be available on a much wider scale, based on about 20 criteria. The criteria valid in 2022-23 are evolving and will be reflected in the Tempus Public Foundation’s call for application to be announced at a later date, but for example the following aspects are expected to be taken into account, when awarding the grant:

• Educational aspect (part-time students)

• Socially vulnerable groups (eg. students belonging to a recognized national or ethnic minority in Hungary, especially members of the Roma ethnic minority)

• Social aspects (eg. the applicant is a parent / guardian, the applicant is an orphan or half-orphaned, at least one of the applicant’s parents / guardians does not have a secondary education)

• Economic aspects (students who received regular or extraordinary social support and / or Bursa Hungarica scholarships, applicants who are self-funded students at the time of the application, applicants with paid employment who lose (a part of) their salary during their studies or internship abroad)

• Geographical aspects (The applicant is a permanent resident of one of the beneficiary settlements defined by Government Decree 105/2015 (IV.23.)

In addition, green travel grants will be available for all mobility to an Erasmus programme country (international studies or traineeship). This means that anyone who does not choose a flight to or from the host country is entitled to a one-time travel allowance of € 50 and can receive an allowance for up to 4 additional travel days, based on the criteria being developed by the University.

Last but not least, students with special needs (disabled or chronically ill students) will continue to be eligible for further support in addition to the above.

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