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Technology-enhanced creativity

2021-09-20 07:58:09

This multiple case study explored educational technology-integration expert teachers’ beliefs about and experiences with nurturing creativity in technology-enhanced learning environments. Data was collected through qualitative methods (interviews, classroom observations, document analysis) from 12 purposefully sampled technology-integration expert secondary school teachers of six curricular areas, and their students. Analysis revealed that expert teachers’ epistemic beliefs about creativity influenced their technology-based creativity fostering practices, with beliefs about assessment constituting a considerable barrier.

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Participants valued and implemented six overarching technology-based creativity-fostering approaches across the curriculum: igniting students’ creativity; supporting idea development; creating digital products; scaffolding students’ creative processes; augmenting creative collaboration among students; and facilitating the evaluation of creative student outcomes. Within these approaches the study identified several both subject-specific and -general technology-based creativity-fostering strategies of practical relevance providing pointers for future research conducted in secondary school settings. The investigation of practice highlighted that even expert teachers have difficulties with implementing technology-based creativity-fostering instruction within regular curricular timeframes and accomplishing high levels of technology integration. Implication for research, policy, teacher education, and practice are discussed.

Dr. Kárpáti Andrea is a Professor of Institute of Communication and Sociology Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Kárpáti Andrea Katalin andrea.karpati@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Marketing- és Kommunikációtudományi Intézet / Kommunikáció- és Médiatudomány Tanszék
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