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Tax 1% contribution to Corvinus organisations

2024-05-07 16:55:00

You can also support student organisations and the Corvinus Green sustainability project.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

We are waiting for applications from organisations eligible for the 1% to present their activities and publish their tax number on the University’s channels! 


The deadline for filing the 2023 personal income tax returns will be 21 May 2024. This year, you can also claim 1+1% of personal income tax, irrespective of the date of the VAT declaration. The donation can be made to a registered NGO or religious community (with a technical number) or to a priority budget allocation – this year the National Talent Programme.  

If there is an organisation (student, cultural, sport or other) connected to Corvinus University that can and is willing to receive a tax 1% donation, please email corvinushirek@uni-corvinus.hu and we will update this collective list with your details.  

Corvinus University of Budapest also accepts a tax 1%, donations will contribute to Corvinus Green’s sustainability community programme.  

Beneficiary tax number: 19156972-2-44   

Beneficiary name: Corvinus University of Budapest   




Studium Generale has been working for equal opportunities in education since 1970. Through its free programmes, the organisation provides around 2000 students a year with high-quality, school-leaving-school education and camps to prepare them for their final exams and to enable them to continue their studies at the university of their dreams.  

Tax ID: 19669814-1-43 

Rajk College

Rajk College is a home for community, professionalism and social responsibility. A democratic student government where the students decide everything. An institution that helps its members to grow and achieve their dreams. A place where students think and debate widely about issues that affect society as a whole. A professional workshop where students take engaging courses and learn from Harvard professors. An organisation that effectively helps disadvantaged students to enter higher education through the Szabó Kálmán Talent Programme. Please support the work of this colourful and unique community with 1% of your tax.

Tax ID: 19624806-2-42


The main profile of Padtárs is to educate secondary school students to become responsible citizens. Our aim is to help the next generation by educating them in a tangible way about the importance of getting involved in public affairs. We visit the country’s secondary schools with interactive, simulation-based presentations, where we talk and play with them about the Hungarian electoral system, the legislative process, the EU, basic economic concepts, all absolutely free of charge for schools. Please support us with 1% of your tax, so that we can continue to help secondary school students become responsible, informed adults!

Name of the association: Felelős Állampolgárokért Alapítvány

Tax ID: 19169008-1-42

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