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Unchanged support to foreign students studying in Hungary in the Erasmus programme 

2023-01-19 09:51:28

The decision by the EU about the Erasmus+ programme does not threaten, among others, Hungarian students coming from across the border to study at Hungarian universities in the Erasmus programme.

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Foreign students coming to Hungary are not affected by the exclusion of foundation universities from the Erasmus+ programme, said the Tempus Public Foundation, the authority coordinating the programme in Hungary. This information is available on the website of the organisation in Hungarian and in English

The exclusion determined in a decision by the European Commission in last December temporarily – from academic year 2024/25 – covers programmes in which the sending organisations operate in the form of public interest asset management foundations or are maintained by such foundations. The receiving organisations are not affected by such suspension, i.e. foreign students studying in Hungarian institutions of higher education can still be supported as before. Consequently, Hungarian students coming from across the border to study at Hungarian universities in the Erasmus programme are not affected by the EU decision about the Erasmus+ programme. 

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