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Society and Economy has never been cited as much as in 2022 

2023-05-09 09:50:43

The oldest scienfitic journal in Corvinus renewed in 2010, and since then it has focused on social and economic issues in the Eastern and Central-Eastern European region. We talked to Balázs Szent-Iványi, editor-in-chief of the the 44-year-old journal about the present and the plans for the near future.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

The first issue of Society and Economy was published 44 years ago, in 1979; it is the oldest English journal of the University. It is published 4 times a year, since 2002 edited by Akadémia Kiadó. For a long time, a Hungarian version was published under the title ‘Társadalom és Gazdaság’, but this has since been discontinued.  

Balázs Szent-Iványi has participated in the work of the journal since 2010; in the beginning, he worked as a secretary, then since 2019, he is the editor-in-chief of Society and Economy. The journal also underwent a major profile change in 2010: “Previously, the focus of the journal was very broad, which meant that it was not well identified by the scientific community. This is why we have narrowed down the eligible studies and book reviews to the Central and Eastern European region.” – says the editor-in-chief.  

This does not mean that they only deal with social and economic issues in the region, but the topic of the submitted study must have a strong relevance for the Central and Eastern European region.  This narrowing down is also useful because since the journal has been included in the Scopus database, articles on a wide variety of topics from all over the world are published in the journal. “We may also publish a study on Ethiopia’s debt in the journal if it has a connection to our region,” adds Balázs Szent-Iványi.  

The aim for the near future is to achieve a Q2 Scopus ranking and impact factor. According to the editor-in-chief, the trends are encouraging, especially in the light of the latest Scopus rankings published at the beginning of May, where the journal improved its ranking in several categories. Given the number of references to the articles published in the journal, 2022 was a record year (see data at the end of the article).  Better ranking would significantly expand the pool of authors interested in publishing in Society and Economy. Currently, the journal is published mainly by Corvinus researchers, researchers from other Hungarian universities and researchers from neighbouring countries.  

In recent years, several thematic issues have been published, and Balázs Szent-Iványi is most proud of the recent special issues on Innovative universities and digital transformation and Changing business models in sport. They would like to experiment further with similar special issues in the future.  

Further ahead in the Scopus ranking 

Society and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe has improved its rankings in the latest edition of Scopus, released on 2 May. Published by Akadémiai Kiadó, the journal has gone up in the rankings in all disciplines, and is now solidly in Q3 in almost all. In 2022, there were 72 citations to papers published in the journal – not only is this up from 41 in the previous year, but is also an all-time record in the journal’s history. The journal’s H index (the number of papers with at least this many citations) has increased to 15. Further details can be accessed here. The journal welcomes papers and thematic issue proposals from colleagues. Click here for details. 

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