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Snapshot of our programmes facilitating labour market integration

2021-06-23 11:03:57

More and more people with reduced working capacity are being employed on the open labour market.

More and more people with reduced working capacity are being employed on the open labour market. Working with non-governmental organisations and companies, by organising various programmes, the equal opportunities team of Student Support also seeks to support and facilitate integration processes.


 Author: Melinda Rózsa, disability coordinator of Student Support

In the spring semester, we organised events in cooperation with the Central Hungarian Regional Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Hand in Hand Foundation. Professional representatives from companies with a long history, such as MOL or KPMG, also contributed to the success. 

Our online professional programmes titled Online club of successful visually impaired people and Special Meetings supported the open labour market employability of people with reduced working capacity, the development of employment for integration purposes and the increase and promotion of social integration. Participants were given an overview of the open labour market opportunities and work experience of people with reduced working capacity. Questions similar to the following were also answered:

  • What kind of help do employees receive with finding the most suitable position?
  • What kind of trainings do customers receive?
  • Wat kind of help do both employers and employees receive with the integration process?
  • What kind of difficulties may occur at first at the new workplace?
  • What kind of help do new colleagues receive?

Through the integration programmes, we want to demonstrate that the employment of people with disabilities is not only socially beneficial, but also has economic added value. Concerning all this, professionals with disabilities, our HR students and our employees had the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions.
– a Corvinus student

– a Corvinus worker We are planning interesting programmes and events for the autumn semester as well (special job fair, sensitizing training, interactive trip to an invisible world). Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!

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