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Silver medal for our students in the MEFOB indoor volleyball championship final

2023-06-16 10:00:00

Our team finished second in the women's final and fourth in the men's final.

MATE (the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences) hosted this year’s MEFOB men’s and women’s indoor volleyball finals. We were involved in both competitions, as our women’s team was undefeated and our men’s team fought a big battle to reach the final. 

Our team travelled to the venue on 14 May, as both teams played their opening match the next morning. The stakes were no lower than repeating last year’s result or even better. Both teams started against MATE. The men’s team had a very difficult task, because there were several extra-league, national team players in the opponent’s team. The result was true to form: our team played for third place in the afternoon. The situation was similar in the women’s game, MATE was leading 1-0, but our girls “heart was in the right place”. They turned the game around and reached the final. 

The men’s team could not beat the team of TE (the University of Sports Science) in the bronze medal match. It was a respectable performance, which also meant fourth place. As last year, the women’s team also competed against the University of Sports Science.  Several of our players were missing due to injury and illness, so we could only squeeze the very confident TE team in the second set.  

In the end, we had to bow to the better team and finished second on the podium for the third time in a row. Our team’s Nóra Rózsa also won the special prize for the best setter. Our performance this year further confirmed that volleyball is a very popular and successful sport at the university. 

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