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Riding the Pandemic Waves—Lessons to Be Learned from the COVID-19 Crisis Management in Romania – Publication by Attila Virág

2022-11-03 09:02:47

The publication co-authored by Attila Virág was published in the Tropical Medicine And Infectious Disease.
Corvinus Épület

Abstract: In our analysis, we assessed how Romania dealt with the numerous challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic during 2021. In that year, the government had to deal with two waves of COVID-19 pandemics caused by the new variants, the low vaccination rate of the population, the overload of the healthcare system and political instability at the same time. Based on publicly available databases and international literature, we evaluated government measures aimed at reducing the spread of the pandemic and ensure the operation of the healthcare workforce and infrastructure. In addition, we evaluated measures to provide health services effectively and the government’s pandemic responses regarding excess mortality in 2021. In the absence of a complex monitoring system, limited information was available on the spread of the pandemic or the various risk factors at play. Due to incomplete and inadequate management systems, the government was unable to implement timely and adequate measures. Our analysis concludes that the management of a pandemic can only be successful if data are collected and evaluated using complex systems in a timely manner, and if members of society adhere to clearly communicated government measures due to high levels of trust in the government.

Dr. Virág Attila attila.virag@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Vállalkozás és Innováció Intézet / Innováció és Üzleti Inkubáció Tanszék
Egyetemi Docens / Associate Professor
E épület, 385
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