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Report on the Triathlon Sprint MEFOB

2022-06-21 11:16:13

This year the triathlon sprint race of the Hungarian University and College National Championship (MAFOB) was organised in Lengyeltóti on 11 June, with the participation of our students.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Following a whole week of rainy days, on 11 June the competitors were lucky to be able to start the competition in sunny and warm weather, on the difficult track. Boys had teams of 3, girls had teams of 2. Corvinus was represented by Fanni Csontos, Réka Kovács, Márton Gögh, Barnabás Lotz and Vencel Sass. Originally, the competition was planned to be held at Tiszaújváros, so students prepared for that terrain in their training sessions. However, the change in the location and the date forced the girls to have teams of 2, so a technical error (incorrect relaying) resulted in the loss of their team result. Boys performed excellently and won the team race. In individual categories, Fanni Csontos finished in 5th, and Barna Lotz in 6th place, so they earned some points. 

Our heartiest congratulations on the excellent result! 

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