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Professional day held in the Master in Business Development study programme

2023-06-06 16:31:00

In addition to professional presentations and a thesis competition, students were also able to meet alumni entrepreneurs.

A good team is a key element of a successful business development training, just as it of a successful business. Thus, in the spirit of team building and professional development, a full-day event was organised for the Master in Business Development students of the Corvinus University of Budapest on 16 May 2023. The professional day was organised jointly by the Corvinus Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the YCON Association, in cooperation with the Association for Development for Youth Enterprises and with the support of OFA Nonprofit Kft (National Employment Non-profit Public Company Ltd.). 

During the day, the organisers hosted the MVM Smart Future Lab team, who gave a presentation to the students on practical issues linked to business development. They also had the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of robotics innovations thanks to Richárd Papp, Managing Director of UNEXMIN Georobotics. Between the professional presentations, the day was enriched by playful activities and provided further networking opportunities. One of the highlights of the day was the final of the Business Development Thesis Competition, where the jury of academic and business professionals listened to the presentation of five talented graduates. 

The third prize was awarded to Zoltán Rádai, who presented the future of the education market in the light of digitisation trends. Alexanda Krátki was the runner-up on the imaginary podium, examining the success factors and sustainable business models of Hungarian green innovations. The jury awarded the first prize to Anita Füredi, who focused on technological innovations in the financial sector and analysed the digitisation efforts of Hungarian commercial banks. 

Anita Füredi, winner of the 2023 Business Development Thesis Competition 

The winning papers and the themes of the day illustrate the diverse profile of Corvinus’ Master in Business Development study programme. The study programme prepares students to create, manage and innovate businesses. The aim is to familiarise students with entrepreneurial activities within new and existing organisations, and to combine the theoretical background of business development with the practical application of the entrepreneurial process to acquire the up-to-date scientific and practical knowledge and skills necessary to bring business ideas to market, to start new businesses, to design and manage strategies, systems and programmes for the development of existing organisations. 

During the professional day, the certificates of the Business Development Alumni Mentoring Programme, which is a tradition in the study programme, were also awarded to both the participating mentors and students. In the mentoring programme, students are mentored during the academic year by professionals who had previously graduated from Corvinus’ Master in Business Development study programme . In addition to building personal contacts, students can gain insights into career opportunities in specific fields, industries and companies, ask professional questions, participate in joint professional programmes and build their network of contacts. The award ceremony also provided an opportunity for short conversations:  former students shared the experiences of their current jobs. 

Eszter Marchel-Kulcsár, CUB ‘s master alumna in Business Development, in conversation with Dr. Márta Aranyossy

“At the end of the day, we could see and feel that the nearly 60 students who participated not only took home professional knowledge and experiences, but also forged a stronger team,”  the organisers wrote about the event. 

Cover photo: Professional day in Business Development held at the Corvinus University of Budapest 

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