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Our university is switching to distance learning

2020-11-10 14:10:48

final exams, dormitories, further measures

According to the announcement of the Prime Minister on Monday, Corvinus University of Budapest is going to switch to digital distance education from 11.11.2020. The exam period closing this term, including the final exams, will also take place online (on Teams and Moodle interfaces).

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Tests scheduled for this week (exams, written tests) will still be carried out as planned in the original format, unless the instructor decides otherwise. If, for any reason (for example, moving out of the dormitory), a student is unable to participate in the test as originally planned, please consult with the instructor directly.

Eviction of the dormitories of Corvinus University of Budapest has started, and if possible, all students must vacate the dormitory buildings by midnight today. Please consult with the head of the given dormitory building if there is a serious obstacle to moving out as soon as possible.

Currently, no government decree has been issued regulating the details of digital distance learning and other restrictive measures related to the spread of the coronavirus, therefore although the chances are slim, the above-mentioned may still be amended after the publication of the official government decree. Also after the publication of the relevant government decree, a Presidential Board Decree is going to be prepared which contains details about the online lectures and education and the conduct of the exam period.

Until further detailed rules are published, the employee directly exercising the employer’s rights shall decide on the work schedule of the employees working in the service provider’s background areas.

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