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Our students represented Europe in Australia

2022-10-06 10:47:34

The UTS Global Case Competition took place in Sydney in September 2022. The world's leading economic universities took part in the competition.

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Our university was represented by four undergraduate students, Réka Kovács, Zoltán Fehér, Kíra Szabó and Tekla Szilágyi. Bence László Pistrui, assistant professor at the Department of Business Economics, prepared the team for the competition. 

During the one-week Australian competition, the participating teams solved two case studies. In the first case, the teams worked for 6 hours on a problem of Celebral Palsy Alliance, which deals with children with central nervous system injuries. During the second, long case, solutions were developed for the problem of the Australian insurance company QBE Insurance within 24 hours. 

The strengths of our university’s team are in the detailed analyses, the logical structure of the presentation, and the creative solutions. The professional jury especially emphasized that the team thought bravely, which went beyond the framework of traditional thinking. 

In addition to professional experience, our students were also enriched with life-long experiences, even though they did not get a podium finish. During the competition, they also took part in trips and team-building events. They also had the opportunity to build international friendships. 

Zoltán Fehér emphasized that participating in an international competition as the only European team is a huge experience. Tekla Szilágyi and Réka Kovács said that during the competition they met a lot of open-minded people, with whom they quickly found common ground thanks to the same goals. 

Our students were selected based on their performance in the fourth course of the Case Track, the Cases on International Business Strategy (CIBS) course, completed during their studies. 

Zoltán Fehér emphasized that during the Case Track, students work with real companies and on real problems, which is a unique opportunity. The Case Track enables students to understand complex business problems. According to Kíra Szabó students gain self-confidence, lifelong experiences, professional and pratical knowledge. Tekla Szilágyi emphasized that thanks to Case Track, students are able to develop step by step, to learn which areas are their strengths or weaknesses. In addition to successes, students of the course can also learn how to handle their failures. 

We are proud of our students and congratulate the team for the honorable position! 

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